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  1. Welcome to the forum..

  2. HI, heard your point of view, might be interested in doing something along the lines of a rescheduling petition.

  3. I am on venture company.

  4. Im on venture company for wow

  5. Sombody Says Hi

  6. hey bud, nice talking to you.. see you in a couple weeks!

  7. Willy

    Hey Bud. If i can help you just let me know.

  8. Welcome to the forum! Lots to learn here. Nice to see ya ,

  9. HI thanks, i have a friend in TC.

  10. Kristin or 231-881-7420

  11. nope nothing here to see,, move along!!

  12. Howdy ,, nice to meetya.

  13. HEY,, let me know how it goes for you , and if you have qustions,, ask away.

  14. HI, welcome to the forum, if there is questions you have let me know. I'll do what i can to help ya along. I'm on the other side of the state. And there isn't much going on here. :) But willing to help.

  15. help given ,, good luck :)

  16. nice talking with you today..

  17. HI, Great talking to you. We will have to share a bowl!

  18. "Liberty has never come from government. Liberty has always come from the subjects of government. " - President Woodrow Wilson

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