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  1. When i make butter i use buds only,, half oz for two sticks of butter., and i get 70,00 the cost of the buds. time and butter i give freely. I dont mind the hour or two  to make it!  I find the break down is 36 cookies at 40mg thc per cookie. thats enough to feel real good for a resonalble time 4hrs min.  there are charts for doseages break down all over the net ,,, No one has ever complained yet.

  2. more than 12 plants wil cost you way more than you can legally recoop.. i run 24 with a general electric bill over 500.00  between lights ac/ nutz... is not easy or free to grow.. unless you grow a few for yourself. once you step up y9ou cant loose crops .. sick people will be counting on yu,, you tell a patient sorry my crop falled and you wont likely get another.. things to ponder before hand.. and newbies loose crops on a regular basis.. its more than a seed or clone in a pot. forget abouit vacs. you can't leave that garden ,,, even for a few days.. its a life change style. .not a whim... just my 2cents as a long term caregiver with multiple patients.... 

  3. I'm a CG and  and it is my business to see what you use  per month,  cause for me I only grow what you use. Not lbs over your needs. however if that is how you talk to a CG you may have more of an issue finding some one to assist you.

    Or have you decided to grow your own?

  4. Myself I see it a bit differently. If you figure the cost that there is for a grow operation licence, and the lab tests, distributor licence,  and with the dispensaries licences were looking at very high outlays for these  licences, so much the average CG doesn't have  a chance  to enter the fray for business operations.  But im drifting from my point, the folks that get these licences are gonna want to get there cost back ASAP resulting in higher cost for rec. users and a patient that chooses to use a disp,,,add in the taxes and the prices will skyrocket resulting in a lack of sales. the next thing you will see will be an assault on medical cause face it that is were the fingers will point... I mean why do you need medical cause anyone can buy it at the dispensary? ( being sarcastic) Just my perspective on the changes if its passed to legalized.. I wont feel its legal till I can sell it out at the  end of my driveway. LOL 

  5. I'm a big fan of Monterrey Garden Spray  for mite eradication,  non toxic ,and safe. worked great for me, and most folks that tried it.

    Monterey LG6135 Garden Insect Spray with Spinosad Concentrate 32oz  

    • For control of foliage feeding worms (caterpillars), thrips, fire ants and other pests
    • Contains spinosad, produced by fermentation
    • Can be used on vegetable, fruit crops, ornamentals, and turf
    • Controls caterpillars as well as beetles, leaf miners, thrips, beetles and more
    • Monterey garden insect spray contains spinosad
    • The newest agricultural chemistry to be introduced into the homeowner market
    • A bacterial product produced by fermentation
    • For use on ornamentals and edible plants up to the day of harvest
    • Also controls broadleaf weeds
  6. With the amount of investment the prices will go out of site, and the quality will suffer. I see it failing as no sick patient on ssdi or a middle income person will support a disp. after the initial novelty wears off. I feel as long as they leave the caregivers alone it going to allow CG\s to do ok in the new venues. cost alone on recreational will also be slow.. steadily climb. at  that point they will go after CG's thinking to force sales to a disp. just my 2cents

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