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  1. can not even trust the brother, sounds to me like he wrote a book and threw the brother under the bus... dude just couldnt keep his mouth shut..
  2. what about them expensive body cams, or the dash cam that gets conveniently turned away., or past the view of the stop,, so they can do what they want off camera... hmmmm
  3. you could consider some form of treatment for bugss...
  4. yes thats why I prefer the old magnetics, easily fixed and dependable!!!
  5. I kinda thought that this is the direction its going...
  6. so i got a patient that asks me to grow a specific strain,, then they try it an it doesnt suit them.. they smoke half the oz,, then ask me to replace it for free with another strain cause it isn't liked by them, too strong, to weak,.,. anything could be the reason..well i can'\t reuse it so its a loss,, I hate to ask for more money but its getting to be a habit,.. what would you do to break this habit.. Its always near the end of the month so most has been used or a significant amount.. I feel like im gettin the shaft.. seems like any strain becomes a "BAD" strain for said patient,.,. and i h
  7. It has its moments.. do i still enjoy growing? ,, absolutely,..
  8. check it out.. http://www.house-garden.us/
  9. A little old but shows their direction.. https://www.theweedblog.com/cops-to-senate-eliminate-the-marijuana-caregiver-system-in-michigan/ On November 10, representatives of the Michigan Chiefs of Police (MCP), Prosecuting Attorneys Association of Michigan (PAAM), Michigan State Police (MSP) and the Michigan Sheriffs Association (MSA) gave testimony in the Senate Judiciary on a trio of medical marijuana bills proposing to establish new dispensary laws and change current language in the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act.
  10. times have not changed in that respect, back in the late 60's a buddy got busted with 50lbs papers stated and court charged him with, more than 5 less than 10. kilo's.. month later there was a surge of columbian gold flood the market...didnt take genius to see what went down there...
  11. how about sending in a quick change form.. drop em like a dog turd! THEN do this>>>>> grow your own meds,then you will have all the free meds you want.. grow your own and leave cg's alone!!
  12. now theres a job , buy an old armored truck and your off to the races, just hire a guy with a gun..
  13. Does anyone have strain information for treating tremors in TBI. I know that high THC doesn't seem to help much. ingestion and smoking/vaping doesn't do a lot. Works for pain excellently. I used a .5 cbd strain but it didn't work so good either. looking for real time experience.
  14. http://vapesociety.com/product/rosin-oil-press/?gclid=Cj0KEQiApqTCBRC-977Hi9Ov8pkBEiQA5B_ipQMIwXudHpXWBRfJYqCJBWflo8PZqhgzyAu3pqYwjXEaArPt8P8HAQ I have heard that some use a larger tshirt transfer unit as well for larger extractions..
  15. thats true but im sure they had a handle on a couple disp, to drop the full 200 for a nice profit, we have been saying for years that they (disp) were bringing weed from outta state. seems like this proves it straight up..
  16. yup killin the competition early..
  17. tell them no.. shortly there wont be as many CG as there are now, some are going to see the need to become licenced growers.. plus dispensary prices will go thru the roof.. then let them ask the disps for free meds see how that works for them..dont do it.. It was once an incentive to get patients.. now not so much. now think about this, if you give an oz away each month to your patients then they only take one a month.. you are giving it all free.. get a few patients like that .. guess what it now costs you to grow for them. your only return is that you get your own meds. then again your p
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