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  1. So,...local cops respond and catch burglars thieving someones grow facility. They determine it is a legal grow operation?  But some douchebag higher up decided to call the drug task force? Then without a warrant?... the officer jumped the fence and impaled himself on a spike board?....



    I wish it was on camera.  What a clusterfuk.

    what about them expensive body  cams, or the dash cam that gets  conveniently turned away., or past the view of the stop,, so they can do what they want off camera... hmmmm

  2. so i got a patient that asks me to grow a specific strain,, then  they try it an it doesnt suit them.. they smoke half the oz,, then ask me to replace it for free with another strain cause it isn't liked by them, too strong, to weak,.,. anything could be the reason..well i can'\t reuse it so its a loss,, I hate to ask for more money but its getting to be a habit,.. what would you do to break this habit.. Its always near the end of the month so most has been used or a significant amount.. I feel like im gettin the shaft.. seems like any strain becomes a "BAD" strain for said patient,.,. and i have several of my own favorites to let them try, but eventually it happens again.. I really think its them trying to beat the system LOL,..


    one more thing,, they end up asking for a strain they already said wasnt a good fit from a month or two back..hope i explained this well enough..

  3. A little old but shows their direction..




    On November 10, representatives of the Michigan Chiefs of Police (MCP), Prosecuting Attorneys Association of Michigan (PAAM), Michigan State Police (MSP) and the Michigan Sheriffs Association (MSA) gave testimony in the Senate Judiciary on a trio of medical marijuana bills proposing to establish new dispensary laws and change current language in the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act.



  4. How about when a CG signs you up as a patient and is never heard from again? Then he/she admits he/she is selling all of his overages for $200 per ounce? If he/she doesn't even give you the option to buy them and sell them? It really goes both ways, there are scammers that are CG as well as patients expecting free meds.

    how about sending in a quick change form.. drop em like a dog turd! THEN do this>>>>>


     grow your own meds,then you will have all the free meds you want.. grow your own and leave cg's alone!! 

  5. Does anyone have strain information for treating tremors in  TBI. I know that high THC  doesn't seem to help much. ingestion and smoking/vaping doesn't do a lot.  Works for pain excellently.  I used a .5 cbd strain but it didn't work so good either. looking for real time experience.   

  6. I am a new caregiver. I have posted a classified looking for patients. I have talked to inquiring people wanting to know how much" free" do they receive a month. This is a standard question. I explain to them I have a lot of $ invested in equipment,utilities etc. I can't afford to give away meds. How do other caregivers address this issue?

    tell them no.. shortly there wont be as many CG as there are now, some are going to see the need to become licenced growers.. plus dispensary prices will go thru the roof.. then let them ask the disps for free meds see how that works for them..dont do it..


    It was once an incentive to get patients.. now not so much. now think about this, if you give an oz away each month to your patients then they only take one a month.. you are giving it all free.. get a few patients like that .. guess what it now costs you to grow for them. your only return is that you get your own meds. then again your paying for yours and theirs. so tell me whats the incentive for that.. kindness is fine but giving away $4-600.  for your electric.. not much of a return for your work or your costs to grow.. the patients are free and your not..

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