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  1. lets start a new movement against booze.. that will fixem!! https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTmVrHY0zuDojgcmJglXC0pcN6ohPUWIP6TSGp8Ng7cYUcpSY9U
  2. sweet looking cough bud.. I'm doing one now just in flower one week. Hope i get ones like that
  3. ya word gets around, be on the low, very low down.. trust no one, cause a random converstation could end up with you being a target,.,. even my patients only got a box number.. and a burner phone number... And there it shows don't leave home or the grow..lol well its been said that your tied to your grow,,. well........... I never have company over someone puils in the drive, i know there a potential antagonist.
  4. just spending all that money that they did get to flower with us.. dont they get it , kill us off an that money goes awAY, this is proof that the pigs/ anties have no brains at all..
  5. Her career in government is over, I'm sure she is pissed off loosing. I doubt seriously if she stays long, plus trump will likely dump her.
  6. http://www.lansingmi.gov/DocumentCenter/View/2602 http://www.lansingmi.gov/DocumentCenter/View/2602
  7. And neither one will change mj scheduling.. that boat has sailed for 4 yrs at least.
  8. Thats what I think .. lol I seldom make medables for my patients.. but when i do, I bag them up nice, seal, and wrap it in brown paper.. an off i go! I try to go down-low and hope for the best. I'm not a pharmacy nor a delivery service. Labels are for business, if i am a business, then dont limit my perspective clients.
  9. there always asking for welders around here.. also having a hard time getting them, hell the sign said will train.. sounds desperate to me..
  10. this is what you need. i had this custom built. specifically for a 220v from panel.
  11. not sure how thick 10g is but likely , i would bury it if your going across the yard. i added complete breaker box with 8 fused 120 plugs on it , 4 timed sand 4 allways on. i use them for my 1ks, and use the wall plugs for fans, oh an the air conditioner is on that line as well. never blow fuses there just 20 amp but its divided by 2 40amp fuses..
  12. never use an extension cord,, bad idea imo. however i did power take off of the dry plug myself when i setup my grow.. I bought a breaker box and ran the same cord as the plug on a dryer..(not sure what gauge that is, I run several fans and 5, 1k lights, an a/c unit and a huge air pump .. all and the lines never get hot. consider the safest way to do it, yoiu should also if you go outside to the garage, then get pvc and stuff the line an bury it. just my 2cents.
  13. I had the thin stalks before, it was lack of wind/air movement. as far as roots additive, i mentioned roots excellerator by house an garden.. its wonderful king. never saw anything like it in my life ...LOL
  14. saw him in concert at boulder colo.. excellent time was had by all
  15. I feel that this system the government has going, will fail an fail big time, no one will pay what they will expect to get , and with the three levels its gonna go up.. we wait and see, but I see black market going to move ahead stronger than ever.. Caregivers will hopefully be in this extended picture.. and continue as needed.. Sorry if this is too off topic. its the real concern, not who does what an or why. we do what we can..
  16. house and garden .. http://www.house-garden.us/nutrient-calculator/ Just set the parameters to what your system is using! Product Name Veg Time Flower Time Reservoir Size Aerator Stone Output Units Aqua FlakesCocosHydrosBio 1 CompSoil 1 Week2 Week3 Week4 Week5 Week6 Week 6 Week7 Week8 Week9 Week10 Week11 Week12 Week GallonsLitres NoYes Metric: mLUS: oz Weekly Directions Product Name Volume Total Run Veg Week 1 After adding Component A Nutrient, wait 15 minutes, then add B. Check pH, adjust between 5.7 and 5.9. Then add the rest of your additives, the water is ready. Always dilut
  17. lol nothing works as good as roots accellerator
  18. I dont know how real the information is,, but if it's even half of what they claim,, more power to him.. you go doc!! We should have more Cert docs doing what we need, not tossing patients under the bus..
  19. you shoulda seen use in our hey day we was totally whacked out..
  20. looks great brother, nice job, can't wait to hear what you get for returns. again looks great!!
  21. i'll go to applebee's myself.. i always hated that everyone seemed to get veterans day off but me..LOL never worked for any place that gave veterans the day off..
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