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  1. You should get a few comments, but if you want specifics.. pm me.. more than happy to get ya on the right road.
  2. would need to be anchored down and secure with more than a lock on it.. then who knows pigs being pigs.. nope not legal.. in there fuked opinions..
  3. you can go as big or small as you wish, but i think in the number of plants rather than the size of the bucket. roots need room to grow a nice plant .. imho,. but only have two or three.. use number 5 buckets not 5g although they will work for you.. but if you only have three plants that would surely be scaled down.
  4. "Quote" mids are free around here...grade A is $150oz. you could move south ya know better hurry before its commercialized, I suspect costs will commercial-rise "Quote" Nice to say when the poor guy can't use ya.. ya know the grass is always greenest over the septic tank.. There is no real reason he can't find a cg right here (Muskegon).. true there are some shifty folks in muskegon area.. but a CG out of GR would work also. If i had an opening I would be happy to help, but i don't .. And when it was advised to interview like your life depended on it.. well from CL it very lik
  5. I always liked Barneys Farm.. usually good pheno's and no doubt about what it is ...
  6. I dont do contracts, i ask, an work with my patients to see what they expect from me. I return a call/text in mins.. to me its part an parcel to being a cg. You can't tell them to wait. Its medicine right.. I call text each patient a the time i figure there running low.( I keep anon records. I dont run out.. rule number one, keep there meds on hand. I dont work so it helps me to get out and see the world out there.. when we were discusing bad cg's most of my patients prior cg didnt have good contact, or respond in due time.. I hear that complaint and do better for them.. Most patients for me a
  7. if there busting folks, then its not legal at all.. its just sorta legal.. same crap there pulling here in my opinion.. we shall see it all come down in a year...
  8. Those numbers are strictly for Muskegon County, not the state.. and yes good CG's do have a waiting list.. I have never had a problem with finding needy patients looking for a fair shake.
  9. Grams and CL Wow now thats a combination for a win Patients dont buy grams, that is like buying one antibiotic pill.. I know many are poor as am I ,, but a CG can adjust his/her price to meet most of there needs... But adverts on CL ... too funny.. Thats like a frog crosing the highway.... Just asking for a hit..
  10. Willy: I think your logic is flawed. Just because you have a 5.88 ratio, doesn't mean that 3000 of the 3900 patients you listed aren't happy and just feel stuck because they don't know of any other options. The more random people I speak to about this, the clearer it becomes. It also doesn't mean that 3000 of them are unhappy. As far as i know your a decent cg, as most of the others I personally know are... I know your position on a dispensary, but slaggin on CG's doesn't justify a better option for disp. for patients. I dont mind their existence but i dont support them across the board
  11. Patients: 3,991 Caregivers: 683 3991 /683 = 5.88888 Seems to me, a pretty fair dispersion of patients vs caregivers. They can 't be locking up the market, i see a pretty solid free market scenario there. I believe there would be less caregiver to patient ratio's if the service lacked in too many ways. wouldn't the patients find alternate sources, and like it was said most patients do know someone they can get their meds from. Not always with the long term dependability but with enough ability to skew the numbers. these numbers work out exactly as I would expect them too.
  12. Dude you obviously never had to live on disability. what a crock of sheit.. Asking for free meds is begging to meet a crappy caregiver. So you likely have never grown your own. and have no idea what it entails. you sound like such a newbie.. dude get you shiet together and quit pointing fingers in something you obviously know little or nothing of. . AND BY THE WAY, IF IT WAS IN MY POWER.. I'D BAN YOUR AZZZ AND I HAVE NEVER SUPPORTED BANNING,, BUT FOR YOU I'D MAKE AN EXCEPTION!!!
  13. You need to use a hosting site for pictures, then place the link to it here.. not sure what one is the usual one these days. but a google search will give you some choices. my favorite is photobucket.com after youi set it up for pics, then you can start a gallery here and add them to the gallery, then use the link to put them in posts. hope that helps.. you dont have to use photobucket.com but do a search and find one that does the same stuff..
  14. They passed the bills so your find out how that goes, btw its retroactive,,, cross them fingers.. says it takes 90 days... so stall court.
  15. give unto others that they give to you... ya black have it rough for sure with the pigs. but injustice is bred into them fuks (the pigs). from high school onward. Advanced fear and bullying by PIGS.
  16. try this https://www.greatlakesgenetics.com/browseI think its still up n running.
  17. I feel differently , i scrape the stem of the clones, i dip or dont, dont think it makes a big differense. but i do scrape, but there is a trick to it, if you go so deep that you see wood , it will not root there.. yoiu need to just scrap the bark just a bit an it will root from there.. I try not to take clones in flower, they need time to turn back to veg. but if i do need to do that i will eave the flower alone.. it will go away as the plant returns to veg.. leave it till the leaves go straight again, reveging makes them weird, bent and curled up .. then they straighten up. I do hydro s
  18. them donut suckers will follow you everywere.. never seen a donut shop without a cop in front of it.. If i'm not mistaken they own there own donut shop in clare..
  19. he's got one.. but its only 8.5 mil... thanks to the mmj fund from laura.. Money works on all republicans...lol
  20. There is no fukin way im putting my name on a bag of marijuana , legal, illegal or what ever. Remember Alice's Restaurant , it all started with a letter under the garbage with his name on it!! LOL
  21. If that is what they cost now a days,,,,man time to find some new sources for clones. ..LOL guess i'll just keep the strains i got. I don't like doing seeds but dam sometimes you just gotta ,, I did three new ones this summer, Strawberry cough, and Raspberry Diesel, and last a Tahoe Bubba Kush.... like Phaq said only gotta do it till your done fo the season..
  22. Pigs is Pigs, regardless of there uniform..
  23. Back in the 70's I asked $90. a lb for mex swag.. an it wasn't to terrible bad.
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