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  1. Well, I started in 2012 and made it till now with no issues.  I got some clones from a gentlemen on craiglist and now I have spider mites.  Did a neem treatment a week ago and they are still going.  Did another neem treatment today and may get some azamax or Dr. Doom to follow up with the next treatment.  Just thanking god I didn't follow through on any of the personals section of CL if I got bugs from my first clone hook up.. lol  :-(


    I dont really have any questions. advice is welcome, but just wanted to put out a Public service announcement to be careful.

    LOL word to the wise, most old peeps been there done that.. now we know better :) Dont do that LOL Clones the scourge of the universe.

  2. I read a reply elsewhere that many states have set this up on a 10 day limit.  That is, you can't purchase more than 2.5 ounces in 10 days from any and all dispensaries.  Unless the prices go to rock bottom, I don't think it will even be a concern.

    talking about price crashes.. see >> https://www.greenrushdaily.com/2016/09/12/cannabis-prices-crashing-colorado-washington/


    “In less than a year, we’ve seen wholesale prices drop to nearly half of their previous totals,” says Tradiv director of sales John Manlove. “We’ve never seen prices like this.”

  3.  I heard there is no wait time for that.



    You have to consider the possibility that the paperwork isn't approved ever. Unless you know them very personally you don't know about their actual status. In other words, they could be BSing you totally about their actual status to get some meds from you before the paperwork gets denied for whatever reason. In that position, you would be very vulnerable legally. You would have no legal ground to stand on if a transfer was challenged.

    I hear ya resto, thats what i thought as well... then again its risky with an established patient.. lol if they get into hot water you know you will be also :( 

  4. I used perlite when i grew in soil, its light and airey.. works well with water retention so less watering.. but it can be abused to the point the soil is soaked for two long of a time.. still i prefer it over vermiculite. kinda a 50/50 choice to me.. either or.. the lave rocks and such are more for hydro same as hydrocorton. JMHO 

  5. Guys i know that there is a wait period on a patient getting their first card.. but what about a cg change for an existing patient changing CG's  ,, I heard there is no wait time for that. But have also heard there is.. what is your take on it . there was a post about carrying your change forms, selling to a patient then chucking the change forms as a safe way to transfer.. ?? so what do you guys think is how lara  interprets the change requirements as in time ...

  6. Ya thats cool but if she got busted.. maybe obama might have an incentive  to legalize or de schedule it. when its his kid going to juvi or jail depending on her age!!!!


    and ya i know ,, they wouldn't bust her or let it out that it happened .. as in no charges.. But this picture says a lot!!!

  7. well im still playing lvl 49 atm... so its going along ok.. I don't pay extra for bunny muffin so its slow. but ya know I watched blizzard's movie "WARCRAFT" and got myself hooked again. I am reloading the game now some were aroud 40gigs LOL slow on a satellite.. but they gave me up to date one more expansion.. warlords of draenor so if i wanted to buy the new legion I could.. if its as different as they claim.. I will likely play warcraft again, and use never winter as a diversion when i rest up LOL.. the new warcraft is pretty cool.. you can build an outpost and it grows with both npc and players .. you get markets, and your own battalion of soldiers.. not sure of all the ins and outs but still it sounds pretty cool.. I"ll let ya know just how works out in a few days.. need another day to download the 25 gigs left.. LOL 


  8. In my opinion most women just dont enjoy growin,, there is always exceptions, but in general most farmers are men :) the gals just seem to  want horses to ride ...LOL not that there is anything wrong with that.. :) :)


    I want to make it clear that in no way am I saying women don't make excellent growers.. I just don't think there are as many interested in it. That said I'm sure there are many fine female growers, and GG is a top one for sure, hands down.. In me comment  I just find less women doin it in my  limited knowledge base.. but I DON'T think for a min that women are less gifted as growers. I just haven't been lucky enough to run into many.. Unofficially my wife has worked our grow without my involvement  and did an outstanding job,when i was too sick to get outta bed at all.  :) 

  9. Ya know i just thought of something and ya I'm  perhaps a bit slow.. but every time i hear of someone getting busted.. they use the "they had scales" which is no doubt a way to make the correlation of CG  to  dealer  an illegal sales.. but duhhh! how would they expect us to know when we exceed/deliver to patients how much there is if were not supposed to weight itl (its implied mere possession of the scale means your breaking the law...???) WTF I mean talk bout BS..

  10. The only way to settle this age old debate, since places now do these things, is to distrubute the same cut to everyone, run it the way you intend, send in to psi or lab of choicing, and order thc/terpene etc profiles...and compare...oh plus you know the standard blind smoke test.



    On another note, i highly doubt heavy 16 is watered down, these nutes are thick and highly concentrated using only 1ml/per gallon. I finally finished buying the line, took a few weeks as the 1 liter and 4 liter bottles are quite expensive, but with a 1 liter bottle doing 956 or so gallons of water, and that gallon of water(resevior) lasting about a week to 14 days, it was well worth it in my mind...plus the end results are on par, if not better than my exp with advanced.

    I'm also in ,, hydro nutz from house and garden.. and see how it goes.. need to pick a common lab we all  can use...this could be a lot of fun .. Maybe even make a grow journal for comparisons as they grow .. sorta start to finish per nutz used.. then see what the results are across the board..

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