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  1. Being a diabetic, its nice to see those reports.
  2. Thats just too dam funny. Didn't say if he was a card carrier or not. Just that it was making eyes burn, and smelled sweet and perfummie,, so jar it up stupid. Of course they did only arrest him so far for open warrants. Stay calm and step away from the bus.
  3. I use one were its going about 25 ft, i put mine under the kitchen sink so i could use the drinking part. But point in hand is that 25 feet is nothing, yes it does cause condenstion but there are rubber insulation covers that are split lengthwise that can be installed over the line, it prevents the condensation. not to terrible on cost. and the condensation is only when your running the lines. the rest of the time its not. I use mine for drinking water, plants and fishtanks. My only problem is its a six stage with a DI. I heard that isn't the best for plants.
  4. Just more Gestapo tactics, shows them for what they are, did we think it would be any different, simple minds, no concience, and typical redneck thinking.
  5. Yes welcome back Bro! Hope it works out for you. There are some roving clinics that will do the cert for you. Sorry i looked for the link couldn't find it.
  6. Hi, as a person that is currently / has made the appointment to get certified, I also in time wish to be a caregiver. But my concern is as the others have stated, how to make a time schedule and still be legal, it may seem easy but there should be some further instruction to balance the legal end with growing schedule.. I was looking for informaton on spreading overages as well with other caregivers. I didn't think that was legal either but I see clones being sold along with seeds. I don't understand the sharing among caregivers. Am I missing something? And is there somewere that I coul
  7. of course it will, in small quantitys so as not to arouse drug addicts to were it is being burned. One Joint at a time.
  8. Hi, thanks for the info, its appreciated. My only problem is that is way far. And I'm not sure the old car will make it over there. Wish there was something closer for me thats the other side of the state. I'll see if I can get there.
  9. Hey All, I have Hep C, and the VA knows all about it. However if you ever tried to get a medical records release from the VA.. well hurry up and wait. I also seem to have that scenario that it seems that I have no records. Although I do.Va takes months to release records if at all. My clinic doctor is a DO but he doens't suppor MMJ soo, but he has just decided to have me do a Hep C test again,for his records. He is pushing for a treatment with cancer drugs and chemo therapy, (we have new drugs) but I know the strain that I have is not receptive to treatment. Although elevated liver c
  10. Hi, need work as a computer geek, Microsoft trained, laptops , desktops,Proliant servers, Cisco you name it. laid off from mr big company. anything to tide me over. full time or part time. pm if needed. Muskegon/Grand Rapids area. Looking to be a care giver soon. advice also needed there.
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