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  1. i finally spoke with my state rep Anthony Forlini on the phone yesterday i sent him an email last week and never got a reply from him he said he received my email and said he has been in contact with at least 5 different people each of which has directed him to a different person. he said he is personally frustrated with the whole situation. he said that he will call me on friday to let me know what he has found out. he said as a last resort i should cancel the first check and send in new renewal forms and a new check. he said that the envelope that i sent in on august 11th may have never even made it and got lost. i explained that is the whole reason i sent it certified mail. that is the point of receiving the certified mail receipt is to know that the package at least arrived at it's destination. he said that he wasn't familiar with how "usps certified mail" works. whatever. i will wait to see what he has to say on friday. i have all of my paperwork ready to be sent in again if needs be.
  2. and that is exactly why I sent it certified mail i followed their directions to a T i just want the piece of mind knowing everything is in order. i don't want to carry around a packet of papers for 6+ months while they figure their failures out. it looks like i am gonna have to though
  3. Change in plans. Because I have a copy of everything I sent in on August 13th, I am just going to send a copy of everything in and include a note with it explaining what the deal is. They can let me know what to do after they receive it.
  4. I would put a hold on the first check that I sent in before sending in the second one. I am not that stupid I have copies of everything that I sent to them on August 13, 2011. I even have a copy of the check.
  5. My doc is mailing me another physician certification I will mail another renewal packet and cancel the first check once this new one is cashed.
  6. Has anyone else had problems after sending in their renewal forms and them not cashing the check? I received the certified mail receipt stating that they received the envelope on August 15, 2011. They still have not cashed the check though!!!!! I didn't receive a denial letter either. My card expires on October 1, 2011. I called the MMM phone number and left a voicemail, but still haven't received a call back. I email and called my state rep, but still haven't received an email or call back. I was going to send in another renewal form packet, but wasn't sure if I should. I don't know what to do!!!!!!
  7. I just called the MMM phone number 517-373-0395 It states that as of August 19, 2011, they are processing renewal applications received in June/July 2011. It also states that if your check or money order has been cashed, then your application is in line to be processed. Kinda weird how my friends check was cashed but mine wasn't, even thought we sent our renewal forms in at the same time and our cards expire at the same time. I can already tell this is going to be a very interesting situation.
  8. did you call and leave a message or did you send an email?
  9. what a cluster! thanks for the replies though. i will contact my state rep. i will also contact my doctor to have him fill out another physician certification in the event i need to send in another renewal application and all that jazz.
  10. My first renewal is putting me on edge a little. My card expires on October 1, 2011. My doctor filled out the Physician Certification on August 3, 2011. I sent in my paperwork on August 11, 2011. I received the return certified mail receipt on August 15, 2011. It is now September 7, 2011 and they have not cashed my check nor have I received anything in the email stating I was declined. My friend sent his paperwork in on August 11, 2011 as well. He received his return certified mail receipt on August 15, 2011. They cashed his check on August 16, 2011. The only difference between him and I is the fact that I added a caregiver onto my renewal form. His was simply a renewal. Do you think it is taking longer simply because I added a caregiver onto my renewal form? I can't believe they wouldn't cash my check as soon as they received it, no matter if my renewal was accepted or denied. Just checking to see if anyone is experiencing anything similar?
  11. I make dry ice hash with all of my clippings using a 90 micron screen. Can someone explain how to make cannabutter with dry ice hash? Also, suggestions on dosage will also help. I don't want it to be weak, but I also don't want it to be too potent.
  12. totung

    Pollen Sacs

    I have 6 waiting to go into flower within the next couple weeks. I will make sure to trim them up in small amounts before they go into flower. I also talked to the person I got the original clone of DJ from and they said that it is sensitive to over feeding. I did notice burnt tips on the leaves before I started noticing the nanners. I will take both issues into consideration for this next grow.
  13. totung

    Pollen Sacs

    Could the pollen sacs have been caused from trimming up the plant just after noticing flowers starting to form? I did that the last two grows, but not on the first one, and the first grow didn't show any pollen sacs.
  14. I am officially done with hand trimming. After the last hand trim of 12 plants, there is no way I am doing it again. I have been looking around for other ways to speed up the process. I found the "Hotbox" trimmer while searching... http://www.hotboxtrimmer.com/product.html It looks great, but for $850, all I can do it laugh at it. Then I started looking at it more, and realized that I can probably make something that works the same way for about $700 less. Anyone else have any suggestions for making trimming easier?
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