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  1. This article cites a physician opinion from a doctor that does not do certifications, does not understand that smoking is not the 'only legal way' to use marijuana, and prefers to use other methods (such as opiates and NSAIDs) to treat pain rather than 'smokable' marijuana. Doctor yes, has some thoughts on marijuana, yes. But understanding the uses and benefits of marijuana- hasn't even bother to look into it. 8 years after the law passed. Dr. Bob
  2. Not a good thing. This is a federal program- contact your federal legislators to vote against the funding for the program. Dr. Bob
  3. Dr. Bob

    Wwii Vets

    Good for you. I always take the time to thank those guys for the opportunity to grow up speaking English. Dr. Bob
  4. Dr. Bob

    Wwii Vets

    I don't think it is that high. My stepdad was a 20 year old B-24 pilot in Italy, 1945. He is well into his 90's now. He is a guide at the Kalamazoo Air Zoo. Dr. Bob
  5. Exactly they get the same if they plea or take to trial. That's the problem. I am aware of one murder case I was involved with that the PD got 40K and the state spent 480K. I am personally aware of one in my District where this same for plea or trial was confirmed. We arranged for another attorney to step in free of charge. We need to provide the PD's with incentive in the form of money to go to trial, get experts and get investigators. Justice should not be a function of ability to pay, and people deserve a day in court. To quote our attorney friend Neil R 'court- is it my understanding you are rejecting the plea the prosecutor offered? neil- yes because that's what innocent people do, see you Thursday!'. Dr. Bob
  6. Just got a post on the campaign Facebook page. One guy came on and said to really push my treatment vs incarceration approach to addiction, but then made it a point to tell me he thought I should de-emphasis my approach to strengthen the public defender's office to fund trials rather than pleas, experts, etc. Looked him up, he is a corrections officer. Seems a stronger public defender program is getting some folks worried. Just confirms this story, people facing the cops and CPS need legal representation to protect their rights. Right now CPS and the Cops hold all the cards, and defendants are forced to take pleas. Wonder if he had access to a strong attorney, they might have taken a less aggressive approach? What do folks think? Dr. Bob
  7. This happened a couple of years ago. I remember there were protests and I purposefully held a clinic in Grayling to express my displeasure. CPS has demonized medical marijuana- and regularly uses it as justification for intervention. Had he been smoking cannabis WITH a 3 year old, I could see concern- though I seriously doubt any harm would occur. I think a claim, probably by his ex, that he was smoking in front of a 3 year old does not require the use of force to remove the child from the home. But in typical fashion they nuke the ant hill with a show of force, he apparently dared to resist (as I recall he picked up a knife) and the police elected to use deadly force rather than back down. People need help when dealing with CPS to protect their rights. They need legal representation and access to experts. Police need to temper their response to these emotional situations- it is not a hostage situation or a bank robbery. There is room to back off and let the situation cool down. Dr. Bob
  8. Prime example. I am personally aware of one pharmacy in Muskegon that refused a prescription for 40 soma for one of my patients (acute issue, one month only script, on very low dose medication) that was giving another patient 270 10mg Methadone tabs for back pain every TWO WEEKS. Note, these were not the same patient, the patient with the soma was very low dose pain control as noted (NSAID and 45 norco a month, stable dose for a year under my care). The high dose methadone patient was obviously not under MY care, but I was aware of it. I sent them into that pharmacy, which the patient previously used for years before switching to another when he started seeing me, to see if they would fill it. They refused- and did so on tape because the patient was wearing a wire for me to document this for a lawsuit against the pharmacies. We won the suit because they were refusing to work with me due to an email sent out by one of the pharmacies making a big deal of the fact I did medical marijuana certifications- even calling me a 'pot doctor'. This method of holding pharmacies accountable financially for refusing to work with pain and addiction patients is needed- not because they don't have a right to refuse to fill a script, but because if they refuse to fill a script they should risk the possibility of having to justify that decision in court with a punishing financial penalty on the line. The pharmacy that called me a pot doctor and encouraged the other 60 pharmacies on the mailing list not to fill my scripts WAS financially punished by my suit. That said, the VAST majority of pharmacies we worked with had no problems with our scripts and viewed us as conservative and appropriate with our prescribing. But it was bad enough there to prompt a suit, and an article on my website. And it was bad enough to force them to write me a check. Dr. Bob
  9. I'm glad it is not true in your pharmacy. Point is, it is in others. Dr. Bob
  10. Cannabis use in chronic pain reduces the need for narcotic pain medication by 60-75% in our experience. Our experience also shows that pain physicians that accept the use of cannabis and narcotic pain medication become targets of medical boards and LEO. They also have problems getting their prescriptions filled if they are known to be marijuana friendly. The science is there already, the attitudes need some adjustment. This needs to be done on the legislature level (anyone come to mind?) and by civil action in the courts (we've seen some success with this as well). When you punish a pharmacy as we did, they change their attitude. But right now you have a very high standard of proof, well beyond them refusing to fill a reasonable prescription from a licensed physician. We can make that easier for patients. Dr. Bob
  11. There is more money in enforcement of out of date, propaganda based, marijuana laws than there is in practically any other field of law enforcement. I once spoke to a Federal Probation Officer. I asked him, 'Do you think marijuana will be legalized?'. His response was 'Not during my career.'. This speaks volumes- He makes his personal paycheck by having people in the federal probation system. Legalize marijuana and his job is at risk. He had NO CONCERN whatsoever on the chaos it caused people, families and communities. He was out for number one- and that is why they fight it in the law enforcement community- they are worried about their paychecks, the payments to the court, corrections, 'drug counseling', federal funding for their task forces and toys, etc. Dr. Bob
  12. Unfortunately that doesn't do much to help. Setting up a daisy chain doesn't really solve the problem. What I am thinking about is a farmers market where caregivers can get tables, patients with cards can enter and buy a limited amount of cannabis. Caregivers are already background checked, and have the capacity to have extra to sell. Issues that need to be looked at include: Record keeping (what if any) Taxation or Licensing (what if any) How much to allow a caregiver to bring to the market, how much to allow patients to purchase Locations available, local ordinances and zoning. This is doable- I mean we have gun shows operating on this model. Worth kicking around, but the first issue is getting there and in the position to introduce this. Dr. Bob
  13. Knowing the background of that, I don't see it happening any time soon. There was a time back in 2010 or 2011 where we were looking at a compromise of caregiver to caregiver transfers, but ran into too much resistance from the legislature and surprisingly the medical marijuana community. So it went nowhere. Might be time to look at that again, but I think the farmers market is a better option because it opens it up to patients. Caregivers would provide the meds, and they are background checked already (another issue, some patients cannot be caregivers for that reason). These are some of the things I'd like to go over with Mal. But I bet we could come up with something workable. Dr. Bob
  14. You know, I am sorry you haven't been paying attention and have nothing but negative things to say, and I've put up with a lot the last couple of weeks from you and others. But had you actually listened to things I've posted over the years, you would know I've always been a proponent of farmers markets rather than dispensaries, and I've always promoted putting laws in place to make them legal. I've also been a long time fan of legalization and criminal justice reform. In fact, I just happened to look these up for you- why don't you have a look at them and come back and post what you found? http://www.tokesignals.com/is-it-dangerous-to-decriminalize-marijuana-a-physicians-view/ http://www.growswitch.com/blog/2011/07/end-fear-of-medical-marijuana-in-michigan/ Perhaps you might like to have a look at my blog- Specifically look for articles in the medical marijuana section with titles like: Dare Propaganda and School Drug Education. Marijuana Enforcement is far more Lucrative than Marijuana Certification, The Drug War Debunked Medical Marijuana Laws May Cut Deaths from Drug Abuse, Response to an Editorial about the Dangers of Decriminalization some of those go back to 2010 Most of those are original articles written by me. Sorry they didn't make an impression on you, or did you just never bother to read them? Now how about you getting off my back? Folks are trying to do something important for the community here, there are people that actually have worked in Lansing on this, and defended people in court. I'm always up for constructive criticism, but I can call BS when I see it, guess that doesn't make me politically correct, but I don't have a problem defending my record or standing up against a troll. Peace- Dr. Bob
  15. What bothers me is that a 'thought leader' in the Law Enforcement Community is using his position to set a tone- calling something supported by the vast majority of those he works for (the citizens of Michigan) a 'sham' legislation. I recall the Bill Schuette 'Clearing the Air' seminars back in 2010. Both the content and title of those seminars for local LEO and government was to mock the MMMA and find ways to work around it to accomplish their 'goals' of shutting it down. It is time we hold them accountable and remind them who they work for. Their job is to uphold the letter and spirit of the law, not to mock it. Dr. Bob
  16. You raise a good point, and I noted that on the video as well. The concept of a farmers market is farm to market. That means caregivers sign up and meet directly with the patients. I don't believe that I limited that to a certain few caregivers, and we were discussing concepts not specifics of THAT market. Dr. Bob
  17. No I am just amazed at people sometimes. You and Phaq are amazing people. Thanks for the offer of help, I'll muddle along without you. Now, back to the issues. Dr. Bob
  18. Amazing, they say essentially the same thing as I do, but it is ok for them to say it and I'm the bad guy... Do you even look at the things that you post? I am sure you will find someone to support. Please excuse me if I continue working in the direction I am going. Folks are starting to come forward to help. Dr. Bob
  19. It isn't a perfect plan, but we need to get that kind of thinking to Lansing. You can start by liking the Facebook Page. Dr. Bob
  20. Now that we are a number of years into the MMMA, the problems with the legislation are starting to come out and we should try to work some solutions. Legalization obviously is an option that would take care of many of them, but a focused plan B would be helpful. Problem one is the Farmers Market/Dispensary issue. We clearly need this kind of third source for patient- trying different strains to find the right one, secure supply, clones/seeds, etc. I favor the Farmers Market model utilizing the existing caregiver system. Caregivers already undergo background checks and have the ability to supply the markets. Organizers can make some money with table rental, patients can get their meds without paying distributors and dispensary owners, and the caregivers get an actual source of income as long as they supply their patients. This can be done. Another issue is the respect for the card. Courts allow patients to use their prescription medications because they have 'prescriptions'. The cards are ignored by choice because they are viewed as a recreational substance and only have 'recommendations' due to personal bias by courts, prosecutors, and probation officers. This forces patients to go back on medications like NSAID and Opiates that have real side effects and dangers. It is the courts exposing patients to medical risk and suffering outside the input of doctors. We need to close that loophole. This same prescription v recommendation loophole is used by employers to hold good employees accountable for something which has no bearing on their jobs. Unless you are 'impaired' at work as the act says, you should not be fired for something you did two weeks before. Qualifying patients that choose to use cannabis should be able to get a certification from their primary care doctor, unless there is a clearly stated MEDICAL contraindication. If patients are refused the card without a definable reason, and forced on to more dangerous drugs, the physician, medical group, hospital should have some liability if an adverse outcome occurs. They should not be able to hide behind the excuse of 'we have a policy not to do that'. We need to move from 'if we decide to make a policy to allow it' to 'shall issue if qualified'. These are things that can be addressed. Dr. Bob
  21. Your help would be much appreciated. Probably the third thing I'd do in Lansing, right after finding my parking space and the rest room...lol Dr. Bob
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