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  1. Thanks, we are rolling. I am going to spend the summer getting content and getting the site started. This fall, when the students come back, I am going to try and get the bumper stickers with www.justsayknow.org into the college campuses to really increase public awareness of the site. We'll try and keep it non-commercial (I have a practice website, this is going to be for everyone, not my practice), but I am financing it myself, so I am counting on folks here to help get the stickers out, provide content, and help keep it updated.


    Getting a cert or two from me would be appreciated, and would help with the sponsorship, but the goal here is to provide education to the general public.


    Dr. Bob

  2. The problem is, as I see it, that law enforcement does not wish to change what they are doing. If we can take away their ability to prosecute, they will soon tire of the acquittals and move on to something else.


    1. Card holders on Juries

    2. Everyone in Michigan should know a cardholder or be related to one.

    3. Legalization of 1 oz of marijuana for personal use.

    4. Accurate testing of 'impairment' for driving purposes.

    5. Acceptance of marijuana by the general public and mainstream medicine using industrial hemp to provide economic incentives, a logical tax proposal and regulations, medical education, and folks showing compliance with the laws.


    Dr. Bob

  3. A plant is anything green that stands on it's own and is alive. If you have a living MMJ plant, from a sprouted seed/clone to a 20 foot high bush, count it as a plant.


    Common errors-


    1. Clones don't count cause they don't have roots.... They do

    2. Males don't count because they aren't usable..... They do

    3. I don't have to count my plants grown from seeds, or I only count 1/2 because only 1/2 will be female.... See #2

    4. My plant count was maxed, but I was just making clones.... When you take a clone from another plant, both the clone and mother count. You just went from 1 plant to 2 or more, don't go over the limit.

    5. I have two caregivers maxed with patients, so I can grow 144 plants under the MMMA at my house.... Again, don't ask for trouble. More than 99 plants at one address gives the feds heartburn. Just say no. Technically under the law if you had 25 caregivers living in one communal home, they could grow 1800 plants. No one here thinks that is a good idea. Where does the math stop? At 25, 20, 10 5, 2, 1 caregivers? The state and the act are no help, why not take the limit of 99 as reasonable and safe?



    Above all.... DON'T PUSH it.


    Dr. Bob

  4. Very interesting, good ammunition to counter the mindset of the prosecutors. In their world view, MMJ is illegal and all users are criminals. They dismiss the MMMA by saying the voters didn't understand what they were voting for. Apparently, they understood it quite well.


    The numbers dropped by 4%, this could be accounted for by the uncertainty of this or any poll, it should stand as a call to action. I would have felt better if they had gone up by 4% to 67%.


    So much emphasis is made in here on activism- going head to head to fight every attempt to restrict the law. That is good and has its place. But we are forgetting the most important way we can fight those that wish us harm--- Build our numbers until every family in MI has or knows a well qualified card holder. We don't have to fight them hand to hand on the beach- though that is needed in some cases, we need to let the tide rise and overwhelm them.


    Dr. Bob

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