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  1. here's the situation, i am lining up my patients and one of which has a felony drug trafficking charge from 7 years ago. I was planning on growing in his basement (i have kids at home and am keeping them in the dark about this). from what i've read he can get a patient card, but i am fuzzy on whether he can become a caregiver. i dont want to waste time by applying to the state and 6 months later have them reject him, but it would help if he were the caregiver for a multitude of reasons. any info would be appreciated. thanks
  2. i can agree some people need to have their hand held just to take a tinkle. on the other hand there are a lot of new growers (like myself) who have read (marijuana growers bible - which is more of a encyclopedia than a instructional book) at the same time, this forum is a great source of information. while there is no substitute for trial and error, even as a new grower, i have a lot invested in my crop, along with patients waiting for the harvest. the last thing i want to do is waste valuable time killing plants to find what works best for me. i can read all i want, but it is still not as valuable as the information i receive from skilled growers. grow green and prosper
  3. double thanks for the sign and jar labels. will come in handy!
  4. in my first attempt at cloning, i used straight tap water (detroit water) without removing the chlorine, and all my clones died within the first week. i've got the second batch going with distilled water. next batch i'm gonna let it sit for at least 24hrs and see what happens then. still in the learning curve, but having fun all the way.
  5. Hello, I have been scouring the forum section of this site and have found it to be an absolute wealth of information. It's great to receive info from actual growers with a wide difference in techniques with an immense knowledge of the law as well. Best site I have encountered in some time. Happy growing to everyone out there. Be smart and be safe. Mark
  6. thanks for the tips/advice. i'll run with the hps for flowering.
  7. DOes anyone know the pros and cons to using fluorescent lights in the flowering room? I've heard HPS flowers quicker, but fluorescent lights are more econic to run. Is there additional time to flower? Or will the buds be smaller with fluorescent? Appreciate any help on the matter.
  8. I know federal law jumps in at 100 plants, but is there anything in michigan law that lets 2 caregivers operate at the same address (and posibly exceed the 100 plant rule)?
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