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  1. The CPS caseworker told me they already have dismissed the case, and Waterford police said they would "flag" my house in case any more complaints are made that their is a medical grow here. CPS forwarded a copy of the report to FOC stating my compliance with the laws. It is now pretty much just the FOC family counselor and the judge and my ex(who really doesen't care, she is just using to give me a hard time) that have a problem with it. Really, what can they do? If CPS doesen't have a problem, the police don't have a problem, what is the judge going to do? My ex has no job(she i
  2. hi, oakland county divorce. I have 2 kids, 5,2. I have been growing since before the divorce, it was my ex wife's idea. I have joint legal/physical custody of the kids(she signed them over to me, she sees them 1 day/week) To either mess with my life or in a desperate attempt to regain custody, she called child protective services on me in january. They showed up, with 3 police cars and a narcotics car, and demanded to see my grow and see my children(ex said I am beating my kids and forcing my daughter to aid in the manufacture and distribution of marijuana) As they had no warrant I
  3. "You can assist HIS patients, not the CG" but a caregiver can legally obtain marijuana from any source, so logically I would assume that I as a patient that can legally posses the stuff and he can legally obtain it from any source, then there shouldn't be a problem right?
  4. hi I was just wondering if in fact patient to patient transfers are legal? or if a patient can sell their overages to a registered caregiver? or if a patient can sell their overages to a dispensary? does anybody actually know the answer to this? I see a lot of opinions, but has this question been answered by the courts in any way? there is a dude I know who is a caregiver for a few patients, he can't keep up with demand, and he wants to purchase my leftovers. would this be a legal transfer?
  5. yeah, I tracked it and it just says it was shipped and gives me the expected delivery date, which was feb.1st
  6. hi, I mailed all my stuff certified letter on January 31st. to date I have not received a denial, but I also have not had the money order cashed (called the bank), and also the certified mail receipt wasn't signed. so what is going on here? did it get lost in the mail? is that even possible being sent certified?
  7. so I mailed my rec in January certified mail with a money order. I still haven't gotten the signed receipt that it was delivered, the bank says the money order hasn't been cashed yet. I don't know whats going on. I haven't gotten a denial letter so what is going on??
  8. if you wanna sign me up as your caregiver to cover the legal end of it i can sell you one of mine, its about 2 weeks from finishing though, it is kushxchronic and looking nice, its about 2-3 feet tall and glistening with crystals
  9. hey, i am looking to take on patients, i have experience growing, i am a patient myself. i am dry right now but in about 4 weeks i will be harvesting. i am growing hindu kush, its pretty good stuff, ive been growing that strain for some time now. ( MOD REMOVED PRICE , PLEASE USE PM or EMAIL ), i am in oakland county so we would have to meet in the middle, would need all paperwork put together. if you don't find anyone in a few weeks hit me up.
  10. attitude is the best. go with them, just google attitude seed bank
  11. do dispensaries by overages from card holding patients??
  12. everything went great! got my doctor rec. signed, gonna mail it out next week. 2 thumbs up to michigan medical marijuana certification center.
  13. hi, I had my med. records faxed to the michigan marijuana certification center, they called me yesterday and said I am approved and I have an appt. coming up. does this mean that I will be approved for use or just approved for an appointment with a physician?? thanks onion
  14. Hi, I am looking to be a caregiver and have had this happen too many times: I get a prospective patient, and they they tell me that "the other guy" said it would be free. also, time and time again I see people who want to be caregivers on this forum asking what a fair price would be and then they get chastised by other members for trying to make a few bucks. At one time I was in a head shop in Waterford and I was talking to the storeowner about being a caregiver, and he says, "well it should be free because they are sick, they deserve it, besides they never use all of it and then you get
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