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  1. Hey DM, I'm curious about those lids. I've been carving holes in bucket lids, but wondering if I'm wasting my time. Do you go right from clone into those lids? And then move the lid from veg to flower? Any advice is appreciated!
  2. Wow! Great thread you've got going, LHB! I appreciate the details, and it's obvious that you've put your time in developing this system. My efforts are quite similar, and yet different. Like right right now... I just cracked open a bottle of Jameson. Some guys might choose Jack, and next time I might also. I think that we all learn from what you're demonstrating, and maybe we'll incorporate your method into what we do. I compliment you on the tidy grow; it takes effort, and shows your commitment. Thanks for teaching us! I may have a room soon that looks exactly like your pictures, As I read the list of those who've replied, it warms my heart to see who's here. Not having a glass handy, I'll just lift the bottle to all of you, and then pass it around. Thanks again for sharing. I look forward to seeing your grow.
  3. Dichotomy is a good and healthy thing. We were brought together by someone elses labor of love. His conviction took him in another direction. It seems that many chose a different path; one that he was instrumental in establishing, but not interested in pursueing. And yet, it doesn't seem different to us. It seems like he's the one who's strayed. I hope that he finds his way back, and I'm glad that we're still together. Thank you, SB, for sharing with us. There's no joy in this argument.
  4. I guess this is directed at TomJ, but I'm right there with Annie on everything she said. I'll be keeping your friend, and you, and all of us in my thoughts and prayers. Good things can and do happen. Sometimes it's miraculous! I hope that you can get in touch with PeanutButter, and also get your grow going so that you can help your friend. This is a great place to network, and learn, and share. Welcome aboard, and I wish you well. Toad
  5. Hey bro ain't been here in a bit and just read ur messages. If u need anything shoot me a pm with ur number or grab it from either of your brothers.


  6. Lookin good brutha! It's all a work in progress. I especially like the cleaning lady pic. Sure wish I could get them cleaning ladies to stay longer.
  7. Thanks, Michael, for story, and keeping the mantra in our day-to-day lives. "Buy American" should be engrained in all of us by now. In my lifetime, I've witnessed the devastation of the middle class. Especially here in Michigan. I won't condemn those who have been put in the position that the only thing they can afford is foreign made. But I also encourage every one of us to keep an eye out for who gets our money. Keep as much of it here as possible! We can't trust our government to look out for our best interest. We have to start helping ourselves at a grass roots level. Be one of the grasshoppers that derails the greed train. I'll get off the soap box now. But hey... Buy American!
  8. Some plants, like peonies and green peppers, establish a crown. if you burry the crown it will will stunt the plant. These plants are more like tomatoes. You can burry them a little deeper and, if they're happy, they'll actually sprout some roots from the burried trunk. Don't be afraid if you get them a little deep.
  9. You could do that, donnachris, but I'd recommend that you try to remove the cup. Let it get dry enough that the mix pulls away from the cup. Get your next container all set, with a depression in the middle just a little bigger than your cup. If you gently tip the cup over, the plants will come right out in your hand. Tickle the roots a little to loosen them up, then nestle it into the pocket in your mix. Press the soil down around it (you don't want any big air pockets) and water it till run-off. You should be good to go.
  10. I was taking 25mg of codeine daily, along with flexorol and zanax and ibuprophin. Spine's a mess, from cervical stenosis to herniated L5/S1 to broken coccyx (yep... i broke my coccyx!). I'm thinking nine surgeries on my hands/wrists/ elbows, and regular steroid injections in my shoulders. Oh yah, there's aways acetaminophen mixed in with the vicodin. Mine were 10-325. It's kind of ironic, but now I only take prescription meds when I have to be out in the world. It seems sad that the world accepts us on opiates, yet not quite on MMJ. I'm still extremely sensitive to the quality of meds which I've learned to grow. Few have left me only pain free. But I'm still studying things, and learning a lot. Thanks for doing the work on this jinx!
  11. Hi donnachris, I'm a student of dr t also, and hoping to follow in his footsteps. He has some happy girls in his care. Make sure that the cups have some drain holes, and don't let the plants sit in soggy soil for too long. Watering until run-off is ok, as long as the cups can drain. Make sure that you have them up out of the run-off so that they can continue to drain. Let them dry out pretty good between waterings. The roots will go searching for water and make a nice root mass for starting in the next size pot. I'm excited for you! And anxious to see your progress. Best wishes! Toad oh... make sure you get a fan on em asap. they like plenty of circulation, and the wind makes em stronger.
  12. Well, imho... that's not very definitive. I only assist registered qualifying patients. In my community, the PA and LEO are allowing p2p until the mud settles and things are better defined. They are so hands-off about this that they wouldn'y even prosecute a recent rip off. A cg arranged an exchange with two pts at a remote location. The pts grabbed the goods and ran. The cg called LEO. The PA decided that the law is too ambiguous at this point. The PA said that the meds could be contraban, which if true, no one can legally possess. There was no assault, and the PA decided not to prosecute the perps because of the ambiguous nature of the law. He could have charged either the cg or the pts, or both. He's decided to sit on the fence untill the act is better defined. Anyway, I only assist my patient, and occasionally a need arrises where I assist a registered qualifying patient. In my community that's ok for now. I know that's not the case everywhere in our state.
  13. I'm curious how you interpret this line of the MMAct. Does it state that only a qualifying patient registered to a particular caregiver may seek assistance only from that caregiver? Or does it state that a registered caregiver may assist any qualifying registered patient in the use of medical marihuana? I guess it does say primary caregiver.
  14. I think it was a good question, and I hope that you can find a way to work something out. I've encountered this situation myself, from both sides, and I've been blessed by a network of friends that help out when they can. I've even received calls from my CC looking to help a needy pateint or caregiver. I'd never suggest that you color outside the lines, but the important thing is that the patients are cared for. You should let your patients know up front that there might be shortage of meds. If you do everything you can to provide for them they will appreciate your honesty and understand that you've hit a little rough spot in the growing cycle. Maybe someone will be able to help, or maybe they'll have to get something at a farmers market. Good luck!
  15. We humans, along with a long long list of other life forms, convert most of what we eat into sugar. Sugar molecules are almost all carbon and hydrogen and oxygen. They take the form of glucose and sucrose and dextrose and lactose, and a whole lot of other oses. Plants are entirely different, and very much the same. Plants have chloroplasts, which we don't have. Plants take energy from the light, and nutrients from the soil (or reservoir), and convert it to sugar molecules. They use the sugar to build stucture and flowers. By providing them with a readily available sugar, it is possible that the plant will not have to expend as much energy to build structure and flowers. Although I haven't figured out the when and how of it yet, I'm convinced that there's a method. I know that there's gotta be some brilliant horticultural minds that have already worked out much of the process. But it's still fun to experiment, and share what we learn. If you try something, and it works or doesn;t work, share your results. It's all good!
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