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  1. Wal-Mart? Who's that?.... Oh the multi-billion dollar company who drains resources around the globe to feed the hunger for material things. Pure Capitalist Power X10. Their produce is aweful I could never find quality anywhere in that dept.
  2. Wow!, I just stopped in to check this thread out and I had to say NICE JOB! Your 1st grow turned out great! Thanks for sharing your adventure. By the way as the advice flows from all these great members I'd like to add my 2 cents worth on the mites. No-Pest strips (approx $6 a piece) from places like Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Lowes and hang them in your grow area. Those evil little creatures won't survive a week in No-Pest vapor. So when they dissappear and your sure there gone you can put your pest strips in a zip-lock bag and save them for the next time an outbreak occurs. They don't smell
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  4. Testing 1, 2, 3..... OK, I think I got it!!!
  5. Wow! Those little buggers are expensive! Thanks for the replies everyone! Just for the heck of it I wanted to ask... Do you have to keep the testing tip wet at all times or it will no longer work? Somewhere I thought I read that and figured they were too sensative for a clumzy ox like me. I donno just guessing over here now. Peace:), Mellow
  6. Never seen a Ph meter before, but I can see how they are helping people with measuring tap water and runoff etc... What's a good one to get without spending alot of money?
  7. Sue them until they go after REAL criminals! Make them fear the huge lawsuit that follows arresting any Medical Marijuana user. Licenced Michigan Medical Marijuana users are 65 thousand and growing!!! Are there 65 thousand cops in Michigan?- No way! they keep cutting their jobs while we continue to grow. They thrive on our fear! It gives them power over us. The days of fear are coming to an end and we WILL win this war. Thank you all you freedom fighters!! We love you!
  8. I think pointing his wife and patient to a CC will be a good thing and as for him.... I guess with the attitude he's taken on the subject I'll let him ride it out a while and see if he finds the truth somewhere in the mist of his journey. Asking me for help was his first mistake because I'm pretty fresh on the grow scene too. A couple years later and I'm JUST reaching the goal of haveing enough meds to satisfy my evil aches and pains. Thanks for the replies everyone. Have a great day!
  9. Can I have the seeds shipped to my home....or is that a bad idea?
  10. I have a friend who wants to grow cannabis and he has a CG card. He got the card for his wife who needs the medicine pretty bad. He has never grown anything in his life and now he wants my help setting up a grow. I said I would help when I can but he should really just dive in and begin the learning journey. He won't read books or anything on-line and he expects me to hold his hand through the whole process. I figured this would be a good time to express how difficult growing really is for most newbies. He just said today that he's got his 1st patient signed up! WTF Man! I told him that was a
  11. Is this person employed or are they very ill and can't work? I ask because if someone is sick and home all the time their consumption could be huge.
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