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    lookin fantastic old buddy!!!
  2. your in the rite place...i will fight ...rally and spread the word here in lenawee county!...you met and greet with new patients above the bridge!...i know in my heart that you will make the community proud!..my brother in arms!

  3. just spred the word!...this site and these people are the warriors in our battle!!!

  4. good to see you on here my brother!

  5. bigtimm

    Lowering Ph

    lemon juice will lower the ph of your water, and it is cheap! ph your water to 7.0 then run it through your soil, collect the first few drops from the runoff and ph that,this will give an idea on where to set your ph..i also add the lime when i mix my soil 1-1/2 cups per cubic foot..my water goes in at 6.8 and comes out 6.8 and i can lower it easily with a drop of lemon juice..
  7. IMO..three shots is not enough. you need to at least cover the bud in the jar..in my experience a fine ground ounce will need more like 2 to 3 cups. in the summer i set mine on the porch and brew it like sun tea!..in the winter it goes in the crock pot for butter...and we eat brownies..happy holidays!
  8. welcome jimmyjimjim! if you tell us the area your in, someone here can point you in the right direction. dispensary's will take the info that you have
  9. i use hot shot pest strips,they kill all crawling and flying insects and have never had a bug problem..one night a fly slipped in when i opened the door, the next day there was no sign of him! they last for 4 months, i got mine at lowes for $7
  10. be sure you burp them like your baby's...lol
  11. any fruit or fruit peel has lots of natural sugar...and in a closed environment like a closed curing jar will bring on mold....be careful!
  12. i hope more than karma gets him!...i am a firm believer in karma! i always live by it! last Saturday i shot a nice 8 pt and my brother shot a 7 pt and the doe they were chasing! i got so caught up in the action i had left my wallet and hunting licenses on the roof of my truck! as i pulled out of the farm my wallet flew off my truck..as soon as i got home i had noticed it was gone, within seconds i got a call from my mother saying she had my wallet..WTF? karma! her neighbor had found it! (this is 15 miles from her house and i hunt three different properties) so when i got my wallet i fount that the money,compassion club cards,dispensary membership cards and hunting licenses were gone!..i took it for what it was and was moving on! today i received a call from my grandfather..a woman had found all of this along the road as she was walking,she called the # on my doe tag! the land owner #(my grandfathers) and i received everything i lost in a sealed envelope tonight! money,cards,everything!...karma! i have this woman's # and if she is a patient i will give her the best med's off of my harvest! and if not, i will be at the local meat market getting her a nice gift certificate that will cover her Christmas dinner!!!!...karma!....keep it alive! thanks to all the good people.......bigtimm
  13. i have a plant i was told is called foam mist,i actually have two and they are totally different plants one is a definitely sativa and the one in question is for sure indica.maybe different mothers? maybe got mixed up when cloning? i grow organic in sunshine advanced #4,i supercrop, top and LST.they get fish emulsions in veg, guano and a bit of molasses in flower, i am in 7 gal pots, the buds are huge and very dense, she is only 35 days into flower the pistils are 30% brown and the trichs are all milky under a 100x microscope....how long will they stay milky before turning amber? ....what is the earliest you have had a plant finish? i already have started to flush. i am being patient but it is hard as you all know! thanks
  14. find bubblegrower! that is all i have to offer, i am an organic man!
  15. winter is coming fast! at least you will be nice and warm..it is natural to pack on a few pounds before the snow falls..i sure hope grandma has some strawberry cronic crispies for desert tomorrow!..lol....happy thanksgiving everyone!!
  16. do you have any info on oasis foam?..never heard of it! and from what i can find oasis foam is a growing medium. and has anyone sampled the finish product?
  17. anyone know the cross on the foam mist?....Cali mist and ??? thanks for any help!
  18. i strongly agree with you! and hope to see my card in the next few days, happy thanksgiving to you and your family Jim.
  19. a lot of cc have open meetings for the general public to attend, and most of them also have a membership and closed meetings, you will need the proof of cashing for closed meetings..what area are you in? lots of good people around here can help point you to a meeting.and answer questions about their club. hope this helps, good luck my friend
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