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  1. Hi all, My timer took a dump and my 2 smaller lights stayed on all night. Sucks. I have plants a many different stages in the room.Only happened one night. How will this affect my plants if at all? Will i have to start pullin hermie sacs off my girls soon ? will the younger ones revert back to veg? delay in finished product? THX
  2. I am having problems while drying. I use a space heater to bring the temp up to 72 and the humid is droping to 30. I want to add a humidifier but im afraid of mold. Would it be ok to add one? dont want harsh quick dryed bud! What the best thing to do this time or any time of year with dry environments while slow dryin? thx
  3. Just wondering if the LED lights were up to par yet with the HIDs.I need to add some extra light(dont we all)and was trying to research them but i just get stupid adds and no proof of results. Anyone use them for flowering with results? are they worth adding for supplemental lighting? THX
  4. Hello all, just wondering, this time a year its dry in most places/spaces. So would it be ok to add a humidifier along with my space heater to bring levels back up to 45 50% or am i just asking for mold issues? If not things tend to dry to quickly. THX
  5. This madness needs to end. We the people need to stand proudly and voice our anger LOUDLY.! How dare they! Where does it end?
  6. New to forum and just wanted to say whats up!?!
  7. Hi, I am looking for a few strains that i've seen in high times and want to try.1. Bubblegum,2. chemdawg(tried ..yumm),3. master kush, and 4. ny diesel. jtpkoz@gmail.com !ty!
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