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  1. Happy Independence day everyone!! hope everyone has a good time but please be responsiible about it.

  2. We Have 5 open patient spots come sign up before they are gone. Michigan residents only.

  3. Please everyone watch out for Lawrence Eddie Stoll. he is working with Leo to bring us all down from the inside.

  4. To those of you out there that believe you are owed something. when your caregiver takes all of the legal liability for you, and then in turn has to deal with you whining that you dont want to have to wait for your meds. all i can say is good riddins......if you dont like having to rely on someone else then grow your own or go to the dispensaries or clubs.

  5. hope everyone had a great Easter:)

  6. Have a great Easter weekend all:)

  7. so today is the day, off to the village meeting at 7pm to find out why they don't have to follow the zoning act of 2006 and grandfather a lawfully running biz in?????

  8. so today is the day off to the village meeting at 7pm to find out why they dont have to follow the zoning act of 2006 and grandfather alawfully running biz in?????

  9. What has it come to when we follow the laws asked of us and yet still, that's good enough that our own government won't follow guidelines and policy set for them, that they have to harrass innocent citizens!

  10. We are currently looking for advice from an Attorny whos is fluent in the MMJ laws of Michigan.

    1. ljay


      whats going on?


  11. Published: Friday, March 18, 2011 11:17 PM EDT As if Michigan’s medical marijuana law wasn’t hazy enough, a recent statement by Attorney General Bill Schuette and a decision by two Traverse City judges make the situation even more confusing. According to an article by the Associated Press, Schuette is urging the state appeals court to reverse a decision that could help a medical-marijuana user beat a driving offense. The article states two judges have refused to instruct a jury that way in the case of Rodney Koon, who was charged last year with driving while under the influence of drugs. He has a medical-marijuana card and admitted he smoked pot before being stopped for speeding. A blood test confirmed it, but Koon claims he smoked the marijuana six hours before driving and he was no longer under its influence. The case is on hold while the Grand Traverse County prosecutor appeals a decision that requires him to prove that marijuana actually impaired Koon. Schuette says the Traverse City judges are misinterpreting the medical-marijuana law, and that any marijuana in a driver’s body is a crime. Medical marijuana advocates argue Schuette’s interpretation of the law is unreasonable because THC, the a main psychoactive chemical in marijuana, remains in the body for weeks, even though the user is no longer impaired. If the Traverse City prosecutor wins his appeal, the ruling could, in effect, make it illegal for anyone who has smoked marijuana in the last month to drive — even if that marijuana was smoked legally under the medical marijuana law. Advocates are correct; that would be unfair. On the other hand, Michigan drivers cannot be put at risk by a ruling that would give high people the OK to drive. Since there’s no test for police to determine with accuracy whether a person actually is impaired by marijuana or just has residual THC in his or her body, the ruling could get guilty drivers off the hook. There’s no easy solution for this problem, but it’s clear legislators need to take another look at the law. In January, Rep. Claire Levy, a Colorado lawmaker, sponsored a bill that would set a DUI limit for marijuana, according to an article by CBS in Denver, Colo. The bill would allow police to do a blood test for THC, and it would equate 5 nanograms of the chemical with a blood alcohol level of .08, which is the legal limit. Whether Levy’s bill is the correct solution is debatable, but something needs to be done to clear up this law. Right now, patients and police are at risk of making mistakes because they simply don’t know the correct course of action.
  12. Check out our facebook for the latest news story just posted this morning.

  13. GRAND RAPIDS – A recent poll showed that Michigan voters would again approve the state's medical marijuana law. The poll, conducted by Marketing Resource Group, Inc., showed that 59 percent of voters would approve the law, while 35 percent would not. Two percent leaned toward approving, while 2-percent leaned against. The poll results were announced by Marijuana Policy Project, which helped draft the law. In November 2008, 63-percent of voters approved medical use of marijuana. “This poll proves that a strong majority of Michigan voters stand firmly behind the compassionate medical marijuana law they enacted two years ago,” Karen O’Keefe, director of state policies for the Marijuana Policy Project and lead drafter of Michigan’s medical marijuana law, said in a statement. The law has spawned controversy, including multiple lawsuits. Just last week, a federal judge in Grand Rapids ruled that Joseph Casias, who used medical marijuana for a brain tumor, was not protected by the law when fired by Walmart for violating its anti-drug policy. Another case is pending here: Can the federal government obtain confidential patient information from the state as part of a drug investigation? E-mail John Agar: jagar@grpress.com
  14. Happy Valentines Day!!

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