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  1. Hey this is really easy .... It's the aspirin barter system ... A patient walks into a dispensary and trades some aspirin accompanied with $ for the patient behind the counter for their symptoms and in trade the patient behind the counter trades some med grade herb or oil for their symptoms. see both parties benefit medicinally .... problem solved .. http://www.mlive.com/news/detroit/index.ssf/2013/02/dispensaries_illegal_detroit_m.html Dispensaries illegal; Detroit medical marijuana providers to shut doors until smoke clears By Gus Burns | fburns@mlive
  2. http://www.rockindla...-isnt-that-bad/ That link to Neil Rockind is outstanding ! I drove to see him Thursday the 7th my Birthday to discuss my Case and the PLea I was forced to take having been denied my lawful right to a section 8 affirmative defense after fully qualifying for it . He told me that in Lenawee county as corrupt as it is , My Lawyer Tom Lavigne had done well for me . I will take his advice ...Neil is a Genius and a Fighter ,he's as good as you're going to get in my opinion. His disection of this ruling is priceless..... Read it fully....he's of
  3. My lawyer was informed that the judge was not going to be allowing me a section 8 affirmative defense Although we met all criteria for it.. All my patients and Dr's were dragged in there and all were legitimate I wasn't capable of going on without a section 8 alotted defense thats just suicide.. and I'm so indebt now due to this whole case I don't know how I'm ever going to pay for all this ..going further would have bankrupted my parents....it's all a crime by them as far as I'm concerned. But I'm moving on......not looking back.
  4. while true Hayduke you are missing the meat and potatoes of why I am bringing this to light .. If and ever a caregiver or patient gets to actually use the damned section 8 defense in front of a jury of their peers the fact that half of your plants are actually going to be destroyed as they are found to be males and not of any medicinal value.. Then a jury will see this fact as true and understand the legitimacy and requirement that a grower is faced with in justifying having more plants than the assinine amount allowed in section 4 . This simply isnt adequate when attemnpting to su
  5. Trust me youre preaching to the choir there...the mere fact that I am looking at sentencing on any level for being raided with no search warrant no laws violated and fully compliant 4 years into this law is enough to show how injust this is...After they dragged all of my patients and DRs in to try and humiliate them ,,,only to verify all were 100% legitimate ...I'm forced to take a charge due to being stripped of my section 8 protection. It's sickening ,,,but I'm moving forward this time in a county void of corruption ...don't be fooled its all about asset forfeiture ... There isnt a
  6. TY ...kindly Yes I will attest that the true sticking point from this point forward in any case will be the patient DR relationship They had better have plans set forth after the first visit for a follow up and or intent to do so in some form of writing . This is crucial .... Another point with regards to plant count for any defense if it finally makes it to a section 8 is something that I demended be addressed in my case and that's the fact that a reasonable amount of plants must also take into consideration the fact that lets say all the defendant's plants were from seed of co
  7. Thanks so much ... I am just wanting this behind me in the rear view mirror and move on in life it's absolutely crazy that I'm looking at charges for possession being a patient etc but I'm sporting more grey hairs since this started than I wanna admit ... It is stressful and I don't care for stress...nor lawsuits and the judicial system I just wanna love my plants ,engineer innovative hydroponic designs and concepts and further my personal research into CBD rich strains for medical value ... Maybe now I can get on with life and hope me and Mr Hartung can shoot the breeze in the d
  8. I am a patient ...I was a CG for 5 one patient also lived at this residence and was her own CG adding another 12 Not sure why thats confusing ?? but I'm sure youll understand now Zap.....
  9. Isnt it funny how my actual license is suspended until I provide proof from a Dr that my condition is bonafide and legit ? I'm sorry your honor but that's exactly what the card is for Are you saying that the state of MI Health Dept and regulatory Affairs is not adequate enough to validate this ? Did I not already meet this criteria ?? arrghh....The Justice system is one that I want no part of ....I don't ever wanna be in a court house again ...
  10. I have been in this county my whole life although I was born on a military base in NJ during the Nam I am now determined to sell this house I built and move to Ann Arbor where I can take care of people in need and continue my passion for this plant in the presence of intellectuals and a sincere populace.
  11. For the record there was a galfriend living with me at this time and had been a resident for over 4 years She was also a patient and her own caregiver so the actual allowable count of plants under a section 4 was 84 and 17.5 ounces of dry usable .... It seems that gets left out on the reporting strangely .... a tray full of freshly cut clones were counted as plants in the raid and this was their excuse for ransacking my place destroying everything ..
  12. I'll always remain happy and just move on ,,life is too short to be mad and I have people with MS and Cancer that I'm currently pursuing to help with my plants so my focus is there and not on myself. But I was not guilty ....No not ever .... or shall I say in violation of section 8 in any way ... And section 8 has been integral and the law since it was introduced in 2008 .. It's always been there ....
  13. Thanks Greg...well any charges against me are a loss in my book as we had these guys beat from the onset ... I'm still scratching my head as to why they can't interpret section 8 as it is ? It's as bold and unambigious as one could ask for,,and I qualified for it without any doubt but in the end was yet again contrary to what the Supreme court has decided... I had nothing over 1.5 lbs max of any dry usable flowers when they confiscated everything ,,,the garbage that the lab has stated as bud is utter rubbish .. Although given how corrupt these cops are I cant say that it was supple
  14. Yano it may sound strange but for some reason I actually like this Doug Hartung gentleman,,,even though he was trying his darn hardest to prosecute me.. It was interesting being on the stand and jousting with him. I'll think of it as a lifetime experience I'll never forget and of course I'm not interested in replicating that ,but it would be neat to sit down and just talk with him in a conversation about so many questions I have in any setting but a court room,,,say maybe me n him fly fishing on a river ... I'm not interested in hating anybody nor harboring anger ,,,although the two c
  15. Medical marijuana questions left open by plea agreement By Dennis Pelham Daily Telegram Staff Writer Jan. 16, 2013 4:00 pm ADRIAN -- ADRIAN — A legal battle over medical marijuana rules was cut short Tuesday by a plea bargain. A fourth day of a hearing on whether a Rome Township man was growing and dispensing marijuana within limits of Michigan law was canceled. Kevin Robert McGrath, 43, dropped a challenge to felony charges brought against him and pleaded guilty to two reduced misdemeanor counts of marijuana possession. McGrath testified during a hearing that started Dec. 12 that a gr
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