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  1. i mailed mine out april 10th, check cashed the 12th or 13th i believe... just got my card in today june 6th 2 months i can live with that note: i had a card before hand.. let it expire for about 4 months and instead of doing a renewal i sent in a new app
  2. my patients check was cashed on 11-5. A group of friends i would say a week before him all have received their cards... Its just weird that i got the cg card for him and he hasnt received his useful id lol
  3. My patient mailed out his app (including my cg form) and i just got my cg card for him in my mailbox. he lives 6 miles away but still hasnt received his patient card? is this normal for them to come a week apart? you would think they would arrive in the same time frame lol
  4. what up call me we can talk prices then my name is Truman 734-812-6903

  5. moral of the story, make a mental note to send out a renewal 3 months before your card expires lol
  6. i just need to remind myself to send out my renewal 3 months before hand
  7. Check cashed 10-14-10 Card issued 11-02-10 Got my card 2-11-11 Card expires 12-01-11 got my card wooooohooo
  8. some marijuana comedy (reality check) haha Mod Merge w/ Original Poster
  9. also their website says "Currently staff is issuing registry identification cards for valid applications received mid-October."
  10. 10-14 date cashed for new app still no card in the mail almost 4 months hopefully anyday now
  11. hey michigan man when did they cash your check?
  12. longhairbri, your new app was cashed on 10-6? or was it a renewal
  13. congrats burrito i started getting mad at the state reading all your threads lol
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