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  1. "It’s time to take back our state and culture and do what's best for Montana and our children,” says Speaker of the House Mike Milburn." WOW! He is saying that the politicians need to take back their state from the voters? They voted for the Act! How can he say it's time to take anything back? He brings up the constitution, but seems to know very little about it.
  2. It would be cheaper to tear it down and rebuild from scratch! Not even much to scrap outta there anymore!
  3. I wonder if there are any RIGHT TO WORK states out there..... Instead of right to fire Don't we as Americans have the right to work?
  4. Thanks man! I gotta get the bill paid on it soon! LOL http://www.stonedplanet.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=152&Itemid=231 A lot of history in that place! Can't go to the roof anymore or you risk falling through.. MC5, Iggy Pop, way too many have gone through there!
  5. A church that hasn't been trashed would be sweet! Hard to find though.. Most of them are very tore up.
  6. i am very interested.. anywhere near southfield?
  7. LOL you should see some of the videos I have seen from there! I have a friend that used to live in one of the trailers back when the city was forcing them to have security on site.. Instead of security they put up a few trailers and rented them out to tennants LOL They are still working on demo there.. The tunnels are sealed.. I was hoping to get a scale out of there before they scrapped it! and a few more from there:
  8. These busts are prime examples of the difference between a patient and someone mixed up in the illegal drug trade.. My personal feelings is you should be able to do whatever you want no matter what the results are! So long as you are not violating the civil liberties of another then more power to ya! Go ahead, overdose on heroin or coke.. Drop your acid, smoke your crack! Just do it in your own home please!
  9. I don't side with just the business owners.. We all know how nasty the upper management can be! In this case, I side with Joe! He had an outstanding record at his work place before an accident happened. He wasn't severely injured but they sent him for a test in hopes that he would fail so they could fire him and not pay for the accident.. It is disgusting to put it lightly that companies can do this to an employee with such an outstanding record! Joe proved through his work performance that he was not using on the job, and he was never suspected of using on the job either! They tested him just to be able to fire him just because of a little accident!
  10. Not sure what can be done until the at-will employment (or right to fire) is dealt with. Some union contracts have it written in that the company can not fire an employee IF the termination would violate federal OR state law.. Not sure if that even helps in a right to fire state.. I am not sure if they hoped to keep more jobs here in MI by giving companies the right to fire at any time for any reason or if they expected companies to just screw employees over then move out of state anyways...
  11. You forgot oscillating fans just for circulation in the room ro/di water filtration unit any lumber needed, spakle, paint insulating the room is a GOOD idea too but hey, thats just a few more hundred there.. LOL if you want to make money you are better off staying put and selling it how you would here to make that money.. a bad economy in michigan = people do not have money to spend! sure, creating jobs betters the economy - IF the jobs pay good and there ain't that much money to be made here in MI.
  12. they would have to be reported to the EPA first.. but i doubt it
  13. What happens when we all run underground? The bs gets worse! What happens when a nation stands together? Ask Egypt! You are not alone. Stay in there unless you have already made your mind up. You have support if you need it.
  14. lol, i will look in the middle of page 2 first from now on
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