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  1. Agreed. Once you get dwc dialed in they are pretty low maintenance. Use hydrogaurd to keep root rot away and allow for higher water temps. Flush weekly (use a liquid transfer pump so there is no need to lift plants out of their buckets, etc) Check pH daily. Easy peasy.
  2. This process works quite well. I have never lost any plants doing this and yields are comparable to straight hydro. It works best if you transplant them to hydro before they get too large - maybe a foot or 18” max so they have more time to assimilate to the hydro environment. But I guess that depends on when you chose to start to flower your plants. Also, 1 gal poly bags just barely fit into a 6” basket. I’ve had to literally squish them down into them before (which didn’t seem to bother them ultimately). 8” baskets make for an easier fit and allow some fill in with hydroton instead of crammi
  3. I’m very upset with the info I received elsewhere about my root aphid problem. Will Botanigard and/or Green Clean work to kill these aphids? If so, how should I use them? These plants have already received several treatments of Azamax throughout veg. The aphids only exist within my reservoir so that is they only place I want to treat. They are 2 weeks into flower at the moment. Thanks for the help!
  4. I’ve had a discussion going about this on another board, but I’m not really getting the answers I need. I’d like more opinions about this. The discussion so far can be read here: https://www.thcfarmer.com/community/threads/bugs-in-my-dwc-reservoir.100729/ Thanks guys!
  5. I’m quite amazed. Bare root clones just seem so vulnerable. I’ve transplanted groups of 10 or 12 several times and I almost always have a couple that have trouble or totally die. 18”+ roots hanging down into fresh nute water in optimal conditions and they die. I dunno if the “dirt” helps buffer them somehow. Roots created in dirt compared to creation in straight hydro are very different. It’s strange that transplanting from dirt to hydro seems to be less shocking than hydro to hydro.
  6. Groovy. 20/20/10 is half strength according to recirculating GH chart. I transplanted a couple of these teens out of their promix and into their DWC buckets. It’s been 2 days and they are standing tall and looking very good. Over a couple days, I’ve transplanted a few more and so far they are all looking healthy. I’m just praying they stay that way. I’m so afraid to wake up one morning and find em wilted. I double rinsed them in 5 gal buckets of water. A lot more dirt, etc stuck to the roots than I anticipated, but I shook out as much as I could. They were clean enough where I co
  7. Will do. After reading more, it seems this is the recommendation. Also sound like it’s best to dial back the nutrients to like 1/4 strength at first to avoid shocking them. Plants this size I would be typically be giving 20/25/10ml per bucket of my GH trio.
  8. That’s good to hear. The more I read about coco, the less I wanna go down that road. It seems like to get the most out of it is to treat it like hydro, hand feeding multiple times a day, etc, etc. I was looking for something that was less work than my DWC buckets, not more. Any advice on the best way to transplant these big girls out of their dirt and into the water? Gently. Lol. When I’ve transplanted smaller clones like this, I’m not really concerned about getting all the dirt off. In fact, it seems they transition better when some dirt is left on when they go into the baskets. But
  9. Air stones should not effect the pH unless they are old and sludged up. It does take an hour or two for new water to pH stabilize. This is what I do with my DWC buckets: I use my tap (well) water as well. It starts with a pH a bit above 7. Start with empty bucket. Add 2 capfuls of pH down (that basically gets my water to about 6, but that will vary). Fill with cold water. Turn on air stone. Add nutrients. Always micro first and never mix the nutes directly together. I use a baby medicine syringe to squirt in the bucket. Let sit for at least 30 min. Check pH again and adjust t
  10. Just as title says: Is it possible to transplant 2 ft clones growing in 1 gal pots of promix to a DWC system?? Just shake the dirt off the roots a bit and pop them in the baskets and fill in with hydroton? This is what I’ve done before with clones in soil/coco, but they’ve never been this big. Otherwise I gotta research growing in a 70/30 coco/perlite mix. I’m not exactly sure how to manage nutrient levels and deal with run off, etc. But maybe I can just drop em in my hydro baskets? Thanks guys!!
  11. I will cut back the lighting. I have read about using h2o2 to battle root rot. However - since I am already using Hydrogaurd, adding h2o2 as well could destroy everything. I’ve also read that h2o2 should only be used very short term on its own, cuz it kills the good bacteria as well as the bad. I am hesitant to use it in conjunction with the Hydrogaurd. If this is total hogwash, I’m all ears. Thanks guys!
  12. I recently started monitoring the EC/TDS levels in my DWCs after I realized the GH nutrient chart I had been using (for some time) was for a “drain to waste” setup. After finding the “recirculating” setup chart, I was surprised to see that the nutrient amounts were significantly different. For example, the recirculating chart shows a nutrient ratio of 10, 10, 5, whereas the drain to waste chart shows a ratio of 4, 5, 1. On top of using the wrong chart, I only use half the strength recommended throughout. Despite all this, over several grows, some have been amazing and trouble free and some hav
  13. Ah! I have been using this Green Cleaner for the past couple weeks. It has been working. But this last time I used it- it totally burnt all the leaves. They are all yellowed and dried up. I used the same concentration and lights off etc. So frustrating, it’s never ending with this round. The buds don’t seem too effected. They got slightly yellowed as well, but under the loupe the trichs still look good. It there anything I can do to help these sickly plants recover (only a couple look ravaged)?? They only have a few more weeks to go, but I’m not sure how well they will survive with basi
  14. This may be a bit off topic, but now that I think about it, who better to ask than you seasoned locals... I’ll be in the market for clones again soon. I have met a couple great people and received fantastic clones in the past through Bud Trader, despite reading to avoid this site like the plague. It’s pretty obvious who to avoid on there, but not always. I have looked into strain bank, but I’ve heard the same sort of scamming propaganda about them. And they say to avoid BT, etc, etc. I have dealt with Further Genetics and been very disappointed and they seemed more legitimate. Clearly
  15. Groovy. Nutes added. Thanks guys! I’m gonna let them hang out a bit longer in this cloner before I disturb them for transplant. A couple of them are laddering down nicely.
  16. Some of my monster cropped clones have rooted. It took about 10 days. Using clone king with only pure water so far. They are under 4 2ft T5s. I feel like I should be giving them some sort of nutrients now. The flowering plants they were cut from were getting half strength GH trio. How much should I give these rooted clones? What else should I give them (mold, pest, etc prevention)? How long should I let these roots progress before I try and transfer them to a DWC? Thanks guys!!
  17. This Green Cleaner I am using is basically soybean oil and soap. Obviously, I’m sure it’s a bit more involved than that, but it’s working and I can spray it until harvest without any detrimental effects. We shall see...
  18. Azamax is the first thing I looked up after seeing these mites. But being halfway thru flower, I wanted to use something as gentle and inert as possible cuz there is no way I can keep whatever I spray off the buds themselves. This Green Cleaner seems to be working, but it’s clearly gonna take multiple applications. Such a pain in the donkey to soak the undersides of everything. Takes forever and makes a friggin mess. I HATE these bugs.
  19. After reading up about Monterey, it’s seems it is not really made to treat and kill mites. It may still work, I won’t deny that, but there is too much debate about the effectiveness of spinosad on mites. After the initial drenching of Green Cleaner, things definitely look better. The PM especially- the spots that have been repeatedly popping up after being treated with H2o2 do not seem to be returning after Green cleaner drench. The mites look better also, but they are far from totally eradicated. I still found some living upon close inspection. I will trim again and give them anoth
  20. Well, apparently I have a small spider mite infestation also. This grow has been a frickin nightmare. I will NEVER use a minimalist approach again. I guess I just got lucky in the past. I will be treating them with as many things as possible from the start. Picked up something called Green Cleaner from the hydro store today. It cost just as much as Regalia or Procidic2, but it treats PM and mites and I can get it a few ounces at a time so I don’t have to blow $100 to see if it works. Just soaked them up and down with it at 2oz/gallon. It did seem to literally wash the PM right off the lea
  21. Neem oil, potassium bicarbonate, h2o2, milk, among a few other things, all seem to be decent treatments for dealing with PM. Frankly, I like the idea of just spraying them once in infancy and being done with it. I have monster cropped some clones and it’s possible they may have inherited some PM. I just want it nipped in the bud now. I do NOT want to battle it throughout growth and maturity.
  22. I have heard about Eagle 20, but I was concerned about it’s toxicity. Is it safe? I have read some horror stories about it, but those may very well be unsubstantiated propaganda.
  23. Does anyone have experience with either of these products, especially with respect to treating/curing powdery mildew? They are pricy and I don’t want fools gold. Thanks!!
  24. I had a couple plants get what I believe is nutrient burn. I was gone for 3 days and they drank more out of their dwc buckets than anticipated. There was most likely nutrient buildup at the bottom and only an inch or two of water remained once I returned. I had switched them to 12/12 a week earlier. They had been vegging for 7 weeks so they are quite large to say the least with a root system that takes up about half the bucket. Strain is Waikiki Queen. I already swapped out the water on them, let them chill for a day or so in plain (ph 5.5-6) water and then gave them the half strength GH nutri
  25. Ok that doesn’t sound like the issue then. I’ve previously looked at it closely with my 10x loupe and seen nothing. It’s progressing nicely, it just looks a little unhealthy in spots. I will be vigilant with water cleanliness going forward.
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