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  1. agreed, they do look like military.  in the raid on my house on tuesday afternoon they wore all bLack, plus masks, and the only markings on the vests said in white, police.  8 officers, 7 male and 1 female, burst into the room waving long guns and short guns.  they handcuffed the 3 of us, all patients, two with complete regs, 1 with only dr. cert, they hollered find the cameras, where's the cameras,  wheres the dog?  they found none and sounded mad about it.

    --we don't give a ---- about marijuana, where's the heroin/cash/guns /cocaine/cash?   f--- your marijuana.  we have good info you have heroin and cash.  after an hour they took 22 plants, a scale,a dn dry meds. they said we know you are patients but--=--this is an illlegal grow op and so give us 2-3 names and you don't have to go to jail---or we'll take your plants.  they took 22 plants and all dry meds and said we gave you a chance....HA HA.

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