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  1. patients with their 12 must register as growers?  the city they are in must inspect the 12 and issue a license with annual renewals?

    they must pay a 3% tax on the value of the smoke they consume?  Pats with 12 must report seed to clone to weight harvested and on- hand is limited to 2.5 oz?  

    just repeating what i read on another site.

  2. Has anyone used the electric scissors like the Bonsai Hero ($500) or Testarossa ($180)?  One grower I know swears by them, but the price is insane.  He insists that they pay for themselves over time.  I'd like to hear more first-hand testimonials before dropping that sort of money.

    the one grower i know who is automated says he gets 4 HOURS  of work cut his trim time.. hIS TRIM TIME IS DOWN from 5 hours to one.  i tried them and found that i caaaaaaaaaaan't roll a joint and that level of finger dexterity is MANDitory to use the bomsai.

  3. Today I am in a ruminative mood, seeking to draw lessons from the last 6 years.  Most i will keep to myself. 

    One huge time-waster [with no exceptions].  Never take on a female-wannabe grower to mentor.  I define a successful mentorship as the individual is still growing their own weed needs 3 years later.  In my case 100% of the 9 females i lavished with help and some supplies are not growing today.  To be totally transparent, I had no relationship beyond grow-mentor.  7 were white and 2 black.  One lasted 2 years and she disappeared. Literally, her house is still standing and vacant (she owned it); her phone and email shut-off.  So maybe she is growing elsewhere.

    That would make i of 9 who survived, but would not change my analysis.

    Guys are nearly 100% opposite.

  4. Also you have this issue.


    What kind of organic is it? How is it labelled?




    Organic = contain at least 95–99% organic ingredients

    100% organic = made with 100% organic ingredients(salt and water not included)

    Made with organic ingredients = must contain 70–94% organic ingredients

    Organic ingredient =  less than 70% organic ingredients


    So what type of organic is your fertilizer actually?


     It can be very deceptive.

    I challenge u:  look it up for yourself , mal. SF Organics in Illinois.

  5. I disagree on nute costing more for hydro.  sf organics is dirt cheap.  I got a 5-qallon pail shipped to me from illinois for for $210 delivered.  1 teaspoon per gallon of water.  It shud be stored in the dark at 40 degrees.  I bot it in April 2011 and have prolly 2 gallons remaining.

  6. This is always a pepsi/coke discussion. 

    BS. That is head-in-the-sand arrogant ignorance.  


    When u hydro organic and employ redundant pumps, depend on battery backup that runs one pump during a power outage so u still maintain flow, and have sensors placed that report continuously to ur phone, your only problem is to manage yield.  In Detroit, disps will take everything you need to dump.  So u need never have dry 'overages' on hand.  


    U may be able to tell which bud is hydro but 23 of 25 testers at MOCC in 2011, could not get more than 5 of 10 correct.  


    U don't need 72 plants to supply the needs of 6 patients and yourself.  You need only 10 in flower and 10 in veg.


    U don't fight bud rot ever at 61f rez.  You get many fewer pests and less wpm.


    U do spend on dehus and ac and co2 generation, expenses you may avoid in soil.


    Set-up requires much more capital, and that is the disadvantage I'd cite, and I find it the lone disadvantage. 

  7. haha ok its not much of a vacation, a long weekend is bout max.. you run into ph spikes an crashes.. next in line is a possible leak in the system 

    Using sf organics nutes i set the rez once and change it out after flowering is finished.  60 days away is possible but with continuous monitoring via continuous phone reporting as to ph (4.2 is where i produce the most bud), ec (1.0-1.2), ppm (max 700), water temp (61f) and flow (is it?).   Wireless cameras would be next to add, but minus the cash to accomplish that, reporting sensors to my phone do totally suffice. 

  8. According to the FSA's findings, organic vegetables contain 53.6 per cent more betacarotene - which helps combat cancer and heart disease - than non-organic ones.

    Similarly, organic food has 11.3 per cent more zinc, 38.4 per cent more flavonoids and 12.7 per cent more proteins.

    In addition, an in-depth study by Newcastle University, far deeper than the one conducted by the FSA, has shown that organic produce contains 40 per cent more antioxidants than non-organic foods.


    THIS POST (AT HUGE LENGTH)  STATES CHEMICAL (synthetic) NUTES ARE BAD IN BOTH SOIL AND WATER GROWING.  THE OP ASKED FOR ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES OF SOIL VS HYDRO.   THIS POST IS IRRELEVANT to the topic AS ORGANIC NUTES ARE AVAIL FOR BOTH SOIL AND HYDRO!    In hydro a rez temp of 61f allows the use of [sf organics cold hydrolyzed fish] without any odor, while for soil there are 100s of organic nutes to choose from.

  9. I think the stress level of growing hydro isnt worth the hassle..With soil growing you don't have to worry as much about power failures....My system was a continuous flow that when power when out my girls went limp within 2-3 hours...

    I've been able to reduce stress by:

    (1)  running redundant pumps, each $99 from Harbor Freight with a two-year [name and phone number only 2-year free exchange extended warranty] included.  This allows one to fail and the system to continue to pump.

    (2)  I have two battery back-up systems for sump pumps (both my pumps are sump pumps) from home depot, each $220, for when power goes out, good to power both pumps for 18 hours of power outage, so i have it set to auto back up when both pumps quit. (activated by the flow sensor.

    (3)  I paid to get continual monitoring sent to my phone.  i paid a hydro tech guy who ads on cl. It cost $300 to have sensors for ph, temp, ec and ppm as well as flow; that continuously report to my phone.  Lack of flow sounds an alarm on my phone and activates battery backup for one pump.  (My hydro is 24-hour flow).

    (4)  This continuous reporting occurs from a grow located not where i live, and that is the biggest de-stressor of all.  Nothing (but fingerprints) refer to my residence.

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