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  1. Letter to the editor Published 10:50 am EDT, Friday, October 5, 2018 To the editor, Cannabis should be legal and regulated for adults. Proposal 1 would regulate cannabis possession for adults away from kids, cars, and the public, and impose a 10 percent sin tax on cannabis sales plus 6 percent sales tax. It would forbid sales except through state licensed businesses. Licensed shop owners won't get rich. The IRS forbids normal business tax deductions so about 80 percent of profits will go straight into the public treasury. Proposal 1 protects landlords who don't want cannabis on their property, protects employers with workplace drug policies, keeps cannabis away from schools, and provides for drugged driving arrests for abusers. As an attorney I watched many lives ruined due to marijuana law enforcement, but cannabis itself poses no public safety threat. It is not a gateway drug, is not addictive, and is not harmful to humans. Cannabis is as popular as beer. Alcohol prohibition ended 85 years ago, and it is time to end cannabis prohibition. As a Republican and civil libertarian my view is that limited government, based on personal liberty and rule of law, should not try account for tastes. Laws that don't respect people breed people who don't respect laws. Vote "yes" on Proposal 1. Gregory Carl Schmid Saginaw https://www.michigansthumb.com/opinion/article/Attorney-on-pot-It-is-not-a-gateway-drug-13284185.php
  2. t-pain

    Patient Grow Rules

    it is settled law in ter beek v wyoming http://komornlaw.com/mmma-court-case-library/ http://komornlaw.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Ter-Beek-v-Wyoming-S145816.pdf
  3. t-pain

    Proposal 1

    MPP was filming some commercials yesterday with retired police officers and other interested parties. dont know when will air. but soon! get all your friends and family to check if they are still registered to vote before oct 9th.
  4. t-pain

    Patient Grow Rules

    No, patient can grow anywhere they own or lease land/property according to the MMMA. But be sure you secure your grow if outdoors and cannot be visible and must have roof etc. Don't want people stealing plants.
  5. t-pain

    Denied twice over penmanship?

    I have heard LARA doing this in the past, but not recently. You may want to call LARA and ask them why they think they can deny a person for handwriting, also this may be an ADA violation to discriminate against you (you should mention this, write a separate note when you send in your application stating you feel you are being discriminated upon for being disabled).. Seems like an arbitrary reason to reject you. My only suggestion is try having someone else write the application for you and or use the computer to enter most of your information ,then just sign it. LARA will be adding online applications next month which may speed up the process of getting registered, and possibly get rid of the step of handwriting anything.
  6. I missed a video. March 2018 Unfortunately she cannot kick her sugar addiction. The addiction is REAL. Sugar and refined carbs that turn into sugar will literally kill you. I wonder if it was the tumors that tricked her brain into craving sugar? Just a theory. Kristina Marie has died. She gave her brain tumors quite a fight for 5 years after the diagnosis. What a journey this has been.
  7. t-pain

    Michigan Ginseng

    where do you get a large amount of ginseng seeds? i thought they were very expensive last time i bought some.
  8. If you stick to extracts and infused oils you should be able to stay within weight limits. To answer your question, no, not to my knowledge. The current weight limit for an edible marijuana infused oil is 72 fluid ounces (and still a half ounce left over), which comes to roughly 2000 grams. Most people who take marijuana oil eat, max, 3 grams of concentrated oil a day. At least from the testimonials that I have seen. Even experienced medical marijuana people have trouble adjusting to such a high dose. Btw, oil costs around $25/gram if bought in a dispensary. Hope this helps! http://www.legislature.mi.gov/(S(izqc4b1wmkk4wnlyrtkijof0))/printDocument.aspx?objectName=mcl-Initiated-Law-1-of-2008&version=txt
  9. t-pain

    New "wet marijuana" law

    The definition of plant changed after they made 4210 into law. http://legislature.mi.gov/doc.aspx?mcl-333-26423 (j) "Plant" means any living organism that produces its own food through photosynthesis and has observable root formation or is in growth material. So as soon as the plant dies, its unusable. So uh, is it a plant on life support drying to death? ??? Up to the courts.
  10. North Dakota has REAL legalization. Hope it passes. Currently polling at 30%. Knucklehead, do you think ND will pass legalization? if not, is it incremental medical > rec that works better? Please give us your opinion on North Dakota upcoming vote on REAL legalization. Where anyone can sell marijuana, grow marijuana etc. I hope it passes but I am betting it does not pass.
  11. I agree. As cannabis is a known certified, bona-fide and patented neuroprotectant, while alcohol is a known brain cell killer, this study seems quite flawed. https://patents.google.com/patent/US6630507B1/en I bet they mixed cannabis and tobacco users again. I bet... What? WHAT? NO MENTION OF TOBACCO IN THE ENTIRE STUDY. hah.
  12. t-pain

    New Patient, No Photo?

    LARA could put photo on the card, and choose not to. go figure.
  13. t-pain

    Rental property while caregiving

    Banks will probably not accept / count caregiver income when deciding to give you a loan.
  14. t-pain

    Dr Meiri - Technion Researcher

    Having seen my 84 yo Great Aunt do two rounds of chemo and have half of her face cut off, now shes in hospice... I would have to disagree with your assessment sir. There are a lot of FDA treatments available, some that even increase the odds of survival by 10% but nothing that improves quality of life at all. Why these physicians scared my great aunt into chemotherapy and surgery for some total benign cancer ... all I figure is they want more $$$$$$$$$$$$. Then the dr says she only has X amount of time to live, so of course she just fully believes that. I mean, Dr only tells her the truth, not assumptions and guesses. So she gives up and lays in a bed all day now. Instead of being active and running for the phone like usual. I guess my point is , enjoy your life, dont spend it in the doctors office worrying about your next diagnosis.
  15. t-pain

    Dr Meiri - Technion Researcher

    GW is just following what patients say on the internet works for them. The only reason they use different strains is because they have strains that are higher in cbg, cbc, cbn, etc. basically they have bred plants with high levels of other "major" cannabinoids. From the GW thesis and other information i've read, there is zero research gw is doing besides giving people cannabis oil in standardized doses and recording the results. All of the cannabinoid tumor and cancer research has been done by other researchers in other countries for over 20+ years. GW does not do that research on mouse models, rats, animals etc. Only a few human trials and safety trials (on rats in order to get FDA approval). at least that i can tell. I have not watched Dr Meiri videos yet. It could be that different amounts or compounds / terpenes work better for cancer than plain old regular cannabis oil. e.g. if you mix limonene and cbg and thca or something maybe it works 10% better to reduce tumors. who knows. Nothing wrong with studying it, but imo it will take hundreds of years to test each formulation and combination of terpenes and cannabinoids on each type of cancer. Resto makes the point that usually, whenever anyone talks about a strain for a certain condition, its usually based on bullshit. he is right. the main problem with "strain = condition" is that people dont know what strain they have. so building a database on self-reported strains (not dna tests) is probably going to be Garbage In Garbage Out kind of research. there are all kinds of reasons why people dont respond to cannabis oil treatments. similar to people who feel different effects of cannabis oil. or an edible that you felt nothing after consuming it. the main problem being inconsistent dosages, uneven plant growth and standardizing the manufacturing of products/oils. i guess my point is that there are a lot more unknown variables before we can come up with a pill that works for everyone.