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  1. Dispensaries closed

    same thing happened in california, they look at weedmaps and start sending letters.
  2. I found this list of terpene based skin penetration enhancers which are reported as nontoxic to the skin. is there an ultimate list of things people use to increase skin penetration of topicals? if not, anyone want to help make one? Note i dont know if these are actually non toxic. i saw it on the internet... must be true. limonene, p-cymene, geraniol, farnesol, eugenol, menthol, terpineol, carveol, carvone, fenchone, and verbenone
  3. Is Grassmatch a legitimate site?

    I didnt see that in grassmatch's privacy policy, that they would email your name or aliases to the entire userbase if they got reports from other people. seems like a leak of patient and or caregiver information to me. tread lightly , grassmatch users.
  4. Is Grassmatch a legitimate site?

    I would never scan my drivers license and patient card for a website. not to mention a website that hides its registrar info. also there is not one single piece of information about what person or company runs grassmatch. except for the email name peter@grassmatch. on the grassmatch about page: they misspelled the word "all". why would a website for patients and caregivers be focused on "Get the most for your money." ? That seems more like a bunch of people selling marijuana than a patient and caregiver relationship. on the privacy page .grassmatch.com/pages/privacy-policy just not a good policy at all. if you upload your info to grassmatch, expect that it will get out, with this kind of privacy policy.
  5. Clone Distributor

    Btw, neither 4(n), nor people v mcqueen dealt with the definition of the word "delivery" , so maybe its all still on the table under that word.
  6. Clone Distributor

    (n) A qualifying patient shall not transfer a marihuana-infused product or marihuana to any individual. Sorry, forgot about the M-N-O amendment. A patient cannot transfer to his/her caregiver, according to Section 4(n).
  7. Clone Distributor

    If the "Clone distributor" got a MMFLA "provisioning center" license, they can sell clones and seeds to registered patients and caregivers. The MMFLA provisioning center license allows to sell any marihuana to a registered caregiver or registered patient. marihuana definition includes seeds. Sec. 504. (1) A provisioning center license authorizes the purchase or transfer of marihuana only from a grower or processor and sale or transfer to only a registered qualifying patient or registered primary caregiver. (ff) "Usable marihuana" means the dried leaves, flowers, plant resin, or extract of the marihuana plant, but does not include the seeds, stalks, and roots of the plant. (i) "Marihuana" means that term as defined in section 7106 of the public health code, 1978 PA 368, MCL 333.7106. (4) "Marihuana" means all parts of the plant Cannabis sativa L., growing or not; the seeds of that plant; the resin extracted from any part of the plant; and every compound, manufacture, salt, derivative, mixture, or preparation of the plant or its seeds or resin. Marihuana does not include the mature stalks of the plant, fiber produced from the stalks, oil or cake made from the seeds of the plant, any other compound, manufacture, salt, derivative, mixture, or preparation of the mature stalks, except the resin extracted from those stalks, fiber, oil, or cake, or any sterilized seed of the plant that is incapable of germination. Marihuana does not include industrial hemp grown or cultivated, or both, for research purposes under the industrial hemp research act. Currently as the MMMA law stands, a patient may not transfer to anyone. A caregiver can only transfer to his/her registered connected patients. Any other transfers people are doing at the clone and seed shops are probably not protected by the MMMA. As the Michigan Supreme court said, patients and caregivers are protected wherever they acquire marijuana from, just that an unconnected patient or caregiver is not protected for transferring marijuana. Edit: thanks resto for catching error.
  8. Worm castings

    i mean if you want to advertise you could buy an ad... otherwise, what kind of worm casting are you talking about ? do you farm the worms yourself or are you just a distributor ?
  9. footnote 45 of people v kolanek also mentions the patient OR caregiver bit. 45 Because we have concluded that a defendant need not establish the requirements of § 4 in order to satisfy the elements of the § 8 affirmative defense, we need not address the Court of Appeals’ holding that Kolanek did not satisfy the “enclosed, locked facility” requirement of § 4. However, to provide some guidance, we note that courts considering whether a defendant’s plants were kept in an “enclosed, locked facility” should focus on whether the security device functions to “permit access only by a registered primary caregiver or registered qualifying patient.” MCL 333.26423(c) (emphasis added).
  10. i saw one epilepsy rescue nasal spray on the internet, i think it got posted here on the mmma somewhere. otherwise no. kind of like suppositories, no one wants to make that stuff as oral and smoke are easier for most people.
  11. restorium quoted an old post of mine. i didnt mean to imply you were oakland county police officer, that was a post in another thread directed at another person.. ah well, you have to deal with all types of people, hang loose man. good luck. sorry medical marijuana didnt help with your condition. like all medications, it does not help everyone. (and yes, confusingly and coincidentally, you are also in oakland county. which is no problem, most people in the state live in wayne, oakland, macomb, kent, washtenaw, ingham heh)
  12. only law enforcement is able to check the registry using a patient or caregiver ID number. police arent even allowed to search by name in the registry.
  13. it can be difficult sometimes to tell the real people from the propaganda. at least here on the mmma i have not seen a true propaganda in a long time. other places, like facebook, reddit or news comments , you definitely see propaganda-hiding-as-real-people more.
  14. there are very few statewide made edibles, due to marijuana's illegality. there is an infused drink, which you could measure out. or there are some breath sprays that you could microdose on. or any of the tinctures with 100mg per bottle, just use the eye dropper and ingest one drop at a time. an easy way to microdose would just be to eat the raw or cooked buds. that way you know what amount you are ingesting. start small, with a piece of cannabis flower about the size of a peanut m&m.
  15. Mi law regarding caregivers requirements

    I forgot to answer this... LARA wont give you any grief if they deny you. It is a simple letter they send you saying if you were approved or denied. If you have a qualifying condition and submit paperwork to be a patient, LARA does not do background checks on patients. Hopefully this helps in some way, good luck.