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  1. t-pain

    Plant count

    there were a few court cases that attempted to define a plant, although i dont think any of them were even in the COA or MSC. The change in the law to define plant make any old court opinion on what a plant is now, null.
  2. same answer as before with the plants above. theres nothing in either act preventing you from enjoying both acts. so it just comes down to interpretation by the police and courts. dont be the first person to try your luck. my advice is to stick to one program or the other.
  3. The MMMA protects patients from all other conflicting laws and limits. As CRMLA does not touch medical marijuana, the limits found in the CRMLA will not bother caregivers and patients. CRMLA says that right in the language
  4. or guns, kitchen knives or sharp sticks.
  5. the CRMLA / milegalize proposal is 12 plants per adult's premises. so 4 adults in one house means only 12 plants at that address. "cultivating not more than 12 marihuana plants for personal use, provided that no more than 12 marihuana plants are possessed, cultivated, or processed on the premises at once" you can read it here: http://www.milegalize.com/2018_proposal_language we are not sure about the patients and caregivers, if they will be allowed to possess 12 medical plants and 12 recreational plants. but i do not think that will be the case, due to the MMMA saying you are only allowed to possess 12 plants per patient, so if you are a patient-only and only allowed to possess 12 plants medically, you wont be able to have 24 plants total. although i dont see anything in both of the laws that complicate having both 12 medical and 12 crmla at once, if the police and prosecutors both see 12 plants in each law, you better just stick with 12 plants. otherwise you WILL find yourself defending that in court, all because no one actually reads the law (even some of the prosecutors, judges and police! dont read the laws).
  6. ouch. http://www.latimes.com/nation/la-na-national-guard-bonus-20161020-snap-story.html i dont know if a reenlistment bonus can be vanished via bankruptcy. seems shitty to have to pay that back. they'd probably just take it out of your pension anyways bankruptcy or not. no lawyer will touch it because the lawyers want to be paid too. if you cant pay back the navy , the lawyer doesnt think he will be paid either. or, you'd be hiring a $10,000 lawyer to stop repayment on $15,000. courts favor the rich and stomp on the poor (if you arent a 1% you are poor).
  7. t-pain

    Plants with 3 leaves

    going from 24 to 18/6 wont stress them too bad, and may help them a bit. sometimes 24hr stresses plants as well. 1 blade / 3 blade and hook/claw half circle leaves happens when a plant is re-vegged. was it in 12/12 ? maybe the grower was taking cuts during flower. thats what it sounds like. "Taking a cutting when the plant is flowering will result in single bleaded leafs untill the plants are fully back into there veg stage. " takes about 2 weeks to recover. one more tip, make sure its a male before you cut down next time. some strains have female calyxes on little tiny stems. if its a male its a male, but waiting until you see a definite pollen sack is better than cutting down a confused lady...
  8. the premise of the article seems flawed. it was illegal for people to smoke at high times cannabis cup prior to legalization yes? and now its still illegal for people to smoke at high time cannabis cup post-legalization, due to permits, yes? no difference. mostly the cannabis cup is just marketing for local cannabis slingers. he who pays most gets the win. trophy to put on website, etc. then they buy ads in high times selling the expensive seeds of the "winner" strain. $10 a seed are you kidding me ? its like someone took the joke "best pizza in town" and turned it into reality. what , did they have a pizza contest when i was not looking?
  9. Cannabis was not legal in the 1980s in Amsterdam and is not legal there now. More of a decrim situation which changes from year to year. People still go to jail for marijuana in Amsterdam.
  10. I am not a caregiver. Just trying to help other caregivers get the info they need to connect with you (do you have a card, and what city/area you are in, which you answered).
  11. awesome post. thanks for sharing.
  12. You are a registered patient with card, right ? just making sure... good luck with the cancer!
  13. t-pain

    Renew Time question

    good job calling LARA. never trust anyone except LARA instructions directly. I forgot to tell you to call them. lots of people spreading lots of rumors out there
  14. t-pain

    Renew Time question

    I thought I remembered seeing something about a po box, but I cant find anything about it now. Here is the only thing I could see from the faq page http://www.michigan.gov/lara/0,4601,7-154-79571_79575_79583---,00.html http://www.michigan.gov/lara/0,4601,7-154-79571_79575_79583-449299--,00.html Does the address on my application have to match the address on my Michigan driver license or personal identification card? No. The MMMP only requires that a patient provide a valid mailing address located in the state of Michigan.
  15. t-pain

    Just starting medicinal

    vaping has a different effect than smoking. medibles are different than both vape/smoke. there are multiple ways to try marijuana: start slow with eating marijuana an hour or two before bed. small amounts. you can build up a tolerance to the effects over time and then just maintain pain by dosing each day. vape pens, but i prefer whip vaporizers or volcano vaporizers because you can use flower. there are vape pens which can use flower, i am not sure which ones are the best. i just eat the raw flower buds. about the size of a peanut m&m does the trick for me overnight. if you make your own edibles, be sure to cook the marijuana first, this activates and converts the THCA into THC. smoking/vaping both heat up the marijuana to convert THCA to THC. there are also topicals and balms. these work great for various skin conditions. less so for pain. remember marijuana is still illegal and the smell is what gives you away. try to not smell like fresh marijuana or marijuana smoke. this simple trick will keep you out of trouble 99% of the time. next, never speak to the police. never answer questions to the police. besides your name and drivers license of course, be polite but ask to leave or ask to speak with your lawyer. this will keep you out of trouble 70% of the time. if you can, grow your own. its a fun hobby and can yield cheaper medicine than dispensaries. feel free to ask more questions. good luck!