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  1. I got a charge of synthetic marijuana, I had wax and a mixed it with a kit, so I can use it in my pen, and now I got charged with synthetic marijuana. How is it synthetic?
  2. Thank you for your response, just got my computer back from micro center. I my self am having problems with this city also, but nothing to do with medical marijuana. The state is suing the city on my behalf.
  3. I have a friend who has gotten raided in Roseville, they got a warrant with in an hour seized everything took and dumped soil in the sewer. The reason I ask is the police and someone from the email them and said that a caregiver and a dispensary are the same, is this true?
  4. get a ozone generator, It will kill the smell quick. Good Luck
  5. Ozone jr is ok, The Ozone 1is about $115 is ther better one, it does up to 5500 sq feet, kills mildew, and mold to.
  6. darn didn't know all this. Is all this for the show or the vapor bus to the hall? I already got a spot at the show.
  7. The three doctors all three have a different opinion on the alz. Those were the meds they wanted to give her, she would have to come in every two weeks for a blood test, the two doctors think with the lithium will help her, even though it bad for her liver. but her primary doctor was the one who said she is bipolar, because with the alz she won't know your name. But she does know who everyone is at times. I made some butter last night with white widow, and we will see what happens today. Thanks you guys.
  8. Abilify, rozerem, loxitane, and one more with lithium
  9. Thanks Estimate Prophet for the reply. Looking for something to give her through out the day, we have been going through alot of nurses family members, that can't deal with her. one minute shes nice the next flipping out. I have green crack i can give her at night but not sure what to give her through out the day, I was thinking of either og, headband or jack h. Just looking to bounce some ideas of someone. If this was someone else other than my grandma I can test out different strains. With her Its really tough, esp. when i have 14 aunt and uncles breathing down my back, and that not including cousins.
  10. Sorry to hear that PB, Good luck with that, I will be praying for you.
  11. Yesterday I found out that my grandma who is 84 is bipolar. Doctors want to give her some rx that one of the side effects is death, (No bs, this is the first thing doc said). She has seziers, alzheimers disease, which is dementia. We just talked to her doctor and he's going let us know when its okay to start to use, but he's not sure if he will sign off on it. There are times she can't eat, mood swings, doesn't sleep for 2-3 days and sometimes she sleep for 2 hours and wakes up everyone up. I have a big family, and using the scribed rx right now is out of the question. My question is what strain would you recommend?
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