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  1. Ok guys, last call on cuttings. They are cut and in water. I will pitch them in a couple days. Have some Lemon Skunk and Thai Fantasy cuttings. Both very good strains. PM me if interested.
  2. Hot Shot strip worked for me. Haven't had them since I put it in. And lots of airflow.
  3. Take it somewhere else please. Dont care who is better.
  4. If it bothered me, I wouldn't respond.
  5. I have grown Trainwreck, Lemon Skunk and Thai Fantasy. He broke all the tops when he bent them. Supercropped? Organic Not sure of mothers age. Yes, I know what powdery mildew looks like. I have never had any mold or mildew or any other issues with her. She will get very tall. Sometimes an inch or two a day under my 600w light. Forgot to mention I have 2 Star Dawg in flower right now.
  6. I didnt start the seeds myself, I started with a clone which is my mother and she is almost a year old. Seeds came from a former Cali grower. Never had a herm, mildew or mites. I know she can take stress because my friend had to bend all his tops over for height issues and she wasnt phazed. Tops turn back up in hours. She is just a great plant to work with. Did i answer everything?
  7. As I stated before, my soil mix has been fine for my other girls, so my brain works fine. This OG just seems a little more finicky. I will just keep working with her and figure out what she needs. The original plant came from a single seed a friend found in a bag he got and greminated, then gave me clones. So it very well could be week genetics. Just gonna give her some time.
  8. Still fairly new, been almost a year now. I am gonna top them, I just hate to throw such beautiful cuttings in the trash. Thought I would see if someone wanted them. Very good genetics. These plants grow big and strong and can take a lot of stress. I only give these a week or two of veg after clone(about 10" tall) and pop them in flower. They end up about 2-3 foot tall with big fat colas. I am a registered patient. No BS here, just looking to help.
  9. What about M3 soiless mix? Any experience with this medium and OG Kush? Seems to work great with my other strains.
  10. I have to cut them soon guys. They are getting too tall!!
  11. Thank you for the replies. I did grow one OG Kush in the same mix and it turned out good. I also have one in a mini SCROG and it is doing great. The clones just do this after transplant, so I was wondering what it is lacking or has too much of? What do you folks with experience growing this strain recommend? What does she look like she wants? The pic is the OG Kush in mini SCROG.
  12. I know my soil isnt the greatest, but using promix doesnt tell me what is causing the leaves to do that.
  13. Money was tight so its in a cheap mix of topsoil, perlite and peat moss. Other strains in the same mix are doing fine.
  14. Can someone help me on this. Not sure what the problem is. Strain is OG Kush. Regular Ph tap water. No nutrients. The clones all seem to do this. They seem to come out of it once in flower. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also looking for local growers to trade knowledge/experience. thanks
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