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  1. He said he's skeptical of the claim that medical marijuana patients need more than 99 plants, saying that grows produce enough marijuana to fill thousands upon thousands of joints. "Absolutely impossible for somebody to smoke that much marijuana," Schulz said. Yeah, JOINTS because all marijuana is just smoked. People like that are the problem they still see patients as potheads. They just assume everyone that uses cannabis is just pothead, hippies smoking joints. Not people that need the relief of it. They arrest sick people using cannabis, then they celebrate said arrests at the bar s
  2. Looks amazing very nice.
  3. If you blanch it first it takes away a lot more of the green taste. I dislike the taste as well.
  4. After speaking with DJ Short about different light schedules he suggested it. It is what he does. 13 on for sativa and 11 on for indica It brings out the characteristics of the of each. I mean come on this is from DJ Short how can I not try his suggestions.
  5. I have run HPS alone and LED alone both did ok but together I am getting great results. The LED seems to keep the nodes tighter, the bud is more dense, and it seems the HPS negates the cal/mag issues associated with LED's.
  6. I use a lighthouse LED for flowering. I also run a 400w hps for 9 hours in the middle of the 13 hours I flower for. The LED by itself was not cutting it. But when I added the HPS back in the results were amazing.
  7. I have found my best friend in the world for dealing with this. I received a clone beautiful clone ran her, Treated the plant just like they got neem treated and I always use 50% alcohol to wash the following day been doing that since I got mites once I don't see those gentlemen anymore that way. grew her out got clones flowered the clones bam PM. Then every plant I had did that. Until I found out about UVC lights. I bought a CFL UVC bulb and a light with a metal shield and UVC protective glasses. I just shine the light at the plants moving at a decient pace wave it over the entire plant an
  8. The Lemon Cake I tried did have a massive expansion that some people think is the harsh. Its was very tasty. I was in search of it once but have torn down to many times to even worry about it. It was really tasty one of the more memorable. Yes I have been away a long time. burned out on the harsh from all the fighting that was going on and the rudeness I took time away and I am gonna dip a toe in once and awhile.
  9. Sounds like something the partnership for a drug free America would put out. The best part of them is they are funded by big pharma.
  10. This is not about state, local or even federal law. This is about headlines! Bill Forsyth more than likely will run for office again if not a higher office. If he wants the backing of the GOP then he has to impress his boss Bill Schuette who obviously is the GOP's top choice in Michigan. Because the GOP and the Romney campaign tapped ol' BS to stomp for Romney not Snyder. Bill has already said he intends to run for governor so this putts is licking boots early. If Snyder runs again BS will probably not run this time but if he doesn't run for re-election bill is waiting to pounce, and after a
  11. could be typical knee jerk by the counsel-woman I would love to see a cali style grow on a real farm. If they are planning on paving I am not down for that.
  12. I personally thought they could mess with the powers that be and have a Paul/Lieberman ticket.
  13. I believe he is a rare man someone who tells it like it really is. Some may question some of his ideas but he is a realist. Some things are hard to take some things are easy to take but he seems to be about the people not the party. He stands his ground he doesn't just tow party line. If it were not political suicide to be a third party candidate I believe he would run on his own, but the money juggernauts crush anyone from the out side that is not a billionaire. He was a doctor, a healer. Not a rich kid with nothing to do like so may in office. He was part of the real world not some ivy leagu
  14. So yes get your card experiment with strains. Swampy's free leonard didn't touch my headaches but was good for my depression and my A.D.D. and A.D.H.D. I have suffered from chronic migraines forever literally I can not remember a time in my life without them. Some doctors thought it might have been caused by my seizures when I was an infant. However no doctor ever did an MRI my neurosurgery thinks I may have had the tumor my whole life.
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