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  1. fake cards? how in the hell is this not entrapment? i have had a few very sketchy encounters via craigslist, and i am extremely confident they were LEO's trying to sting me. stay the hell away from craigslist.
  2. this is such an unfathomable waste of resources. every person involved should be fired.
  3. well, these "inspections" included in his bill aren't going to conduct themselves... guaranteed a percentage of these 1000 cops will be dedicated to doing that.
  4. he's also a creationist who does not believe the theory of evolution. so, he basically thinks 99% of the world's science community is wrong. he's a friggin nutbag.
  5. it isn't profitable to "cure" disease. don't expect big pharma to do anything regarding this matter other than squash it.
  6. they could just be honest with everybody: "we need MJ to be illegal to stay in business".
  7. if you are moving here to be a patient, or a "compassionate" caregiver, then we welcome you. if you are one of the thousands of chumps moving to this state in an attempt to get rich of selling medi-pot, then get lost and don't let the door hit your @SS on the way out!
  8. never ceases to amaze me that the poorest of the poor get sucked into supporting the GOP, enlisting for military service, etc. the propaganda machine in this country is finely tuned and frighteningly effective.
  9. this is the stupidest crap ive EVER heard of. dry your crappy crop, get better genetics, and try not to suck next time.
  10. THIS. if you cant run gas the next best thing you can do for your plants is getting as much fresh air constantly flowing thru that room as possible. if you just toss your plants in a room in your basement with no source of fresh air, your whole op is going to suffer BADLY. yield will be tinkle poor, plants will hate you.
  11. "I use strong MMJ, and a lot of it (Roughly 1.5- 2.0 oz per month). My cost of medicine can be up to $640.00-$1000.00 per month." sooooo, according to those metrics, you are paying upwards of 500/oz? pardon my french, but that's F!CKED.
  12. there's a big one on M72 east coming into traverse near the car connection
  13. 1. clones start to yellow because they are using the nutes stored in the leaves to throw new roots. 2. very important to understand this: leaves that have already shown the effects of a deficiency or problem will not "heal" themselves and go back to looking normal. once the problem is corrected, only NEW GROWTH will start to look normal again.
  14. wow, people like to type - it's really this easy: hydro = more costs, more equipment, more consumables, much higher maintenance. the payoff? insanely fast growth rates and "better" yields. soil = more waste (cant reuse it), slower growth rates. the payoff? much lower maintenance than soil. very forgiving to grower mess ups. if you are using premium bagged stuff, quite often you don't even need to fertilize until you are into flower.
  15. you need to find a different doctor. i got mine for exactly the same reason.
  16. considering it's a safe assumption that the IRS would expect us to pay thru a 1099 or something like that: how do we compute the amount to pay taxes on, profit after costs? thanks!
  17. i just read from another thread here how a caregiver got screwed because they were also gun owners. then i read people who seem to think it's okay. as a gun owner, im kinda worried about this. does anybody have any sort of "final word" on this? or is it really case-by-case in the court?
  18. yes patient has their card, for a while... im his new caregiver, so we did the change form and all that jazz. followed the instructions to the T, and sent it in. early october.
  19. going on 5 months. i have all of my patients paperwork along with our caregiver forms etc, but aside from that im starting to get a little worried. have any of you actually called the MDCH about this stuff before?
  20. lookin' for some babies with strong legs.
  21. 8 months? this is a joke. i would be calling these people every day. there is no excuse for this to be happening other than the idea that they are just trying to F@#K with patients. 4 months is a joke, 8 months is beyond anything reasonable.
  22. the people at the one on garfield are very nice, ive been there a couple times now. their meds are broken down into 4 classes - bronze(budget) thru platinum(premium). never been to the one down town. expect to pay top-dollar. the "platinum" buds are usually 25/gram, 75/eighth. patients who are used to getting their meds for free from a caregiver probably arent gonna like these places too much
  23. and i guarantee you, they already are, but in the future will be making prime examples out of people who break the rules. we really need to take time to respect what we are able to do here.
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