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  1. Add another Lenawee County city to the list. Saw this article today. http://www.lenconnect.com/news/20171214/adrian-oks-medical-marijuana-facilities Brief synopsis: City commission votes 5-1 for proposal ADRIAN — The city of Adrian is moving forward to allow and regulate medical marijuana facilities within the community. At a special meeting Wednesday, the Adrian City Commission by a 5-1 vote approved a regulatory ordinance’s language that would permit commercial medical marijuana facilities, including growers, processors, provisioning centers, safety compliance facilities and secure transporters. There is still a window until June to edit or adjust the ordinance, if needed. Changes coming down from state regulators could cause this to happen. Wednesday’s vote followed a year of debate, research and discussion on the topic at city commission meetings.
  2. Welcome to the site SidecarJ! As far as I can tell, the classifieds section is still M.I.A. In the meantime you can just use the regular forums to seek out potential caregivers or patients. Hope this helps
  3. Where has everyone gone?!

  4. Somewhat shy, bit of a lurker and I miss the days of hanging out in the chat room!

  5. This space for rent....

  6. Re-posted with wozer's permission. If I remember correctly, image #4 shows her initial injury and image #5 shows the recovering area. Hope this helps and that she is able to find a permanent, loving home!!
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    From the album: For Wozer

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    From the album: For Wozer

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    From the album: For Wozer

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    From the album: For Wozer

  13. Have a 360 or PS4? Add me!

  14. I have to ask after re-reading the OP's statement: why did you wait 6 months and spend all that money that you 'didn't have to' by visiting a dispensary? Why not seek out a new caregiver? Were you somehow continuing to donate funds to your caregiver's grow in those 6 months? (Mainly making this comment due to you feeling like he owes you something!) Coming from a patient's viewpoint, I dislike seeing these kinds of posts because it gives all patients a bad name. I, too, had a caregiver for the past 3 years and it was wonderful! Never a lapse in paperwork, communication, etc. He is a busy guy; working towards another degree and finding opportunities to be able to travel more with his loved ones. So while it is unfortunate for me that we're not able to continue on in our cg/pt relationship, am I going to be angry or selfish about it? Nope- the simple solution is to seek out a new caregiver better suited towards BOTH of your needs and NOT "Gee, how can I screw over this person who all along has been helping me?!" (And I must say all at a price for what you'd probably pay for a gram in a dispensary. $10 to place an ad here and $10 for the change form!) And like the saying goes... this is just my opinion and we all have em!
  15. Heyas m'dear Trying to get ready for the dreaded upcoming holidays, ugh! (everyday is Halloween for me ) How've you been doing? *Just gonna behave myself and not comment on the Master skillz to spare the masses from my pervy/warped sense of humor
  16. Thank you for the links I do plan on posting an ad here, just need to get off my behind... *sheepish look* I like looking around to see what is being offered and to mainly, just arm myself with more info. Gives me something to do when I can't sleep and/or am in too much pain; so I look for ways to distract myself.
  17. I'd chalk this up to a "friendly" police visit, tho they weren't at my apartment on a marijuana related complaint.... Former roommate of mine was growing (carded) and we had a few officers show up on our doorstep one evening looking for me. (family related drama) I happened to be running some errands when they showed up but were still present when I returned and yes, my behind kept driving when I saw what was in the driveway!! Anyhow, once the coast was clear so to speak, I returned home and the roomie filled me in. The officers astutely noticed that we had marijuana paraphenalia on our coffee table so they started to ask questions. Roommate shared that he grew, cops asked to see it and he allowed it. They left and we never heard from em again, marijuana related or otherwise. I did, however, give the roommate an earful about letting the cops into both the house and his grow. (Understandably, he was of the mind that being legal/compliant and not wanting to anger the cops or give em any reason to further mess with us, etc.)
  18. Thank you both for your replies! Not saying they aren't legit, however, it just struck me as odd to see someone listing an OH phone number. (Admittedly, first time I've seen it. Haven't had to look for cg services in several years.) I just thought it prudent to share and perhaps spark some discussion as well. (Especially given the recent posts regarding allowing your patient to see your i.d.) Just as caregivers want to ensure for their own peace of mind, sanity, etc., that their patients are legal, we patients also want to feel that same comfort with our caregivers.
  19. Heyas KD Hanging in there I spose! Thought I'd poke my head out from my lurking corner How've you been??
  20. I happen to be looking for a new caregiver and tonight while wasting some time 'fore bed...stumbled upon this ad: SG Labs now has caregivers accepting patients in Adrian!Varies Description In order for SG Labs to flourish and meet the growing demand for Michigan’s medical marijuana patients, we’re proud to announce that we now have qualified caregivers in Adrian. Frank is a Certified Master Grower with many years of experience and now currently accepting qualified patients. The caregivers service Adrian and all surround cities. To get more information Call Frank at 419-234-XXXX and let him and his compassionate staff help you with your marijuana needs. Sign up today for Caregiver services and receive free gifts, while supplies last! Like we’ve always said.. “We have enough problems in life to deal with and getting quality marijuana should not be one of them.” URL: Tags: Stats: 109 total views, 1 so far today /-b Notice anything? The number listed for said Master Grower has an Ohio area code?! I do realize he could've recently moved and not changed his phone service and/or picked up a disposable cell phone, etc. Personally, it'd make me nervous to even contact this person! So this is my friendly and gentle reminder to everyone to pay attention to the details for everyone's sake and safety please! I'd hate to hear that someone had to spend the holidays with LEO or legal troubles!!
  21. ROFL I thought you were quoting/singing a song at first... A lil "The Joker" Phaq style? "I'm a welder...I'm a baker...I'm a candlestick maaaaker!" hahahaha *Actually snorted out loud when I got to the end of your post! Thank you for the laughs Jim! ** Can't believe I typed in the wrong song title to begin with. Just gonna go back and hide now..
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