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  1. My dog used to love hits until she died. I wonder if it was an od, she was 15! My friends dog got into some burned brownies and ate enough for 3 people, she was mighty lethargic for a day but bounced right back.
  2. Good luck with everything, for IBS I would reccommend ingesting organic coconut oil with marijuana, this helps by gastritis pains immensely. If you want more info just ask.
  3. Allright. Thanks for the info, I was hoping I would find someone with first hand knowledge of Menieres.
  4. Hello, Does any body have any ideas on strains, etc,to best deal with Menieres disease?
  5. Doctors should stay doctors, not pharmacists. Maybe some schooling on strains and disorders would be ok, but most educated people already know that.
  6. And how many lawmakers will get there cards? That would or will be interesting.
  7. I see BB left fear and paranoia running wild. The sky is not falling, it just has been very grey and cloudy lately.
  8. They are open to everyone.Very friendly, informative group.
  9. Catching your headache early is the key and yes, you can smoke it away, ater it's full on is too late. The best thing I have done is submerge my head and face into a sink filled with ice water, stay under as long as you can and repeat, this really helps with the pressure.
  10. Thanks for the tip, canola is gone fron any of my diet, I now use olive oil and organic coconut oil, it really did work on the open tick bites though, I ws amazed, must have been the thc, not canola.
  11. I have used canola oil at medible strength on open wood tick bites, the area were open and painful, after applying the oil, (it stung a bit) the pain from the bite was gone, no more itching and the healed in 2 days.
  12. Hello, I need to cure my meds in a baggie vs a jar. As long as it is dried will it cure ok? Thanks.
  13. Hello, I was just wondering if any one knew of something that could be used to replace corn syrup in candy recipes? I am trying to avoid corn syrup as it is not very healthy for people. Thanks.
  14. I guess the topic says it all, My card will expire soon and I am wondering how long it is valid after expiration, I am a caregiver growing for other patients and wondering about the patients card as well, I do not want to be growing illegally. Thanks.
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