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  1. Located in Warren at i696 and Dequindre in a Members ONLY 4300sq.-ft. Medical Building Federal HIPPA Law PROTECTED Safe and Secure Medical Facility Legal Protection Services Full Service Statewide You OWE it to yourself to Preserve your Freedom and American Constitutional Right to LIFE, LIBERTY and JUSTICE in your PURSUIT of HAPPINESS to Choose your Medication Therapy! Be Safe…Be Legal… We are YOUR Affordable Michigan Chronic Cannabis Connection $150 includes Doctor's Certification, 1 Year Exclusive Membership! CERTIFICATION…EDUCATION…MEDICATION…PROTECTION Potent strains always available! Apollo 13, Mazar, Hindu Kush, C4, Blue Moon, etc. Technical Caregiver Grow College Classes Grow Room Consultations Culinary Cooking Classes Special Member Discounts CALL to set up an appointment! 1-800-946-4501
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