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  1. One of the worst in flint is the old schoolhouse (I think thats what it was) that you can see off 475 right before Atherton Rd heading south. That thing has been an eyesore for 30+ years now.
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  3. My friend recently went through this after sending in his app himself. Turns out after he got ahold of them on the phone his check wasn't filled out 100% exact, they just never bothered to call him or send him a letter to tell him. might want to give Lansing a call and see what they say.
  4. I am linking this topic to my facebook page, that's some bs.
  5. I have a Blue Dream mother, just cut my first set of clones off her today, I'll let you know if I know how to clone or not in a week or so.
  6. What is everyone putting in the "If you have further questions, please contact" field? Is that your cell phone or the state board? and BIG thanks for posting this, signs are up everywhere
  7. As far as I'm concerned, tressel and tuos missed a big chance to set a standard by benching the Tat 6. Most people outside of Ohio and tuos fans still consider tuos 0-9 vs. the SEC in legitimate bowl games and last nights game will always have an asterisk next to it. The NCAA, Tressel and tuos showed they care more about money than the integrity of the game, plain and simple. On to RR, I can't imagine it takes a 2 day meeting to fire someone, so the "fact" that DB is meeting with RR again today tells me that he is staying for another year with a new defensive staff. I hope I'm wrong, I was an RR supporter until the end of this season, he just doesn't fit here, time to move on. It would take an 11-1 season from him next year and a big 10 championship to get me back on his side at this point. GO BLUE!!!
  8. I would appreciate it if anyone would pm me when they do open back up with how to get in touch with them, I have the old # but it doesn't seem to be working. I used to love my trips to Dryden...
  9. My friend sent in his paperwork near the beginning of the month, they haven't even cashed his check yet. Are they shutdown for the holidays?
  10. I am completely new to making hash but I watched about an hours worth of videos and I tried the frozen trim method my first run. I used 3 loose filled gallon freezer bags of fresh trim that I took within a day or two of harvest and froze for a few days, then ran it through the 4 bag bubblebag system. I ran it through and re-ran it twice (the top piles are runs 2 & 3 combined, bottom pile is run 1, biggest piles are bottom bag) all hand mixing and got this: I haven't done a dry run comparison yet, but that was about 3.5 grams, just slightly over 1 gram/freezer bag. How does this ratio compare to runs with dry trim? best way is to compare and see Also since this was my first run I expect the yield to go up slightly as I get better at mixing it.
  11. 5 OSU players suspended for first 5 games of 2011 The UM/tuos rivalry aside, it is pretty sad to see players selling of Big 10 championship rings (TP, Posey, others), Fiesta Bowl Sportsmanship award (TP), and Gold Pants, given out for beating Michigan (TP again). The sportmanship award to me was the worst part. TP said before he was coming back for his senior year, does this change now? So to all you suckeye fans... MERRY CHRISTMAS YOU GET TO START 3-2 NEXT SEASON! =D
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