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  1. I thought I understood this, but I have read and seen things of late that suggest I have been ill informed or things have changed. My question concerns, who actually owns the plants; the caregiver or the patient? Assume a patient (A) signs an astestation giving a caregiver (B) rights to grow plants for him/her. However, patient A only uses medicine at a rate of two plants per year. That leaves 10 plants per harvest for patient A that aren't being used by patient A. My question is, "Does the caregiver have the right to use those extra plants as he/she see fit or does the patient maintain rights to those plants and have rights to compensation over any of those plants the caregiver might sell?" I have been laboring under the assumption those were the patients plants and a caregiver wouldnt have the right to market those plants without the patients' permission. But now I am seeing different interpretations and they are confusing me. Thanks.
  2. This really is an important issue. I am a bit surprised it is not getting more attention in the community. I might even be more sympathetic to Radway if he was a local Michigan resident, but according to his Linked-In page he's not. On his Linked-in Page Radway lists his State of residence as Kansas https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeffrey-radway-8a26bb177/ . Another outfit I am aware of has also targeted Michigan. Their CEO comes to us from Flordia. In my area, local licenses to operate are being snapped up by Chicagoans. All of these corporate organizations have one thing in mind, exploiting Michigan, its residents and its sick for personal gain. These people have no allegience to this state or its sick. They are all about profittering and exploitation. End of rant? Maybe.
  3. I am confused about a treatment issue. I have heard RSO will lower blood pressure and one should be cautious. I am trying to lower my blood pressure, but it's not clear if the RSO treatment to lower Blood pressure involves a massive intake of RSO, similar to the 60 gram cancer program, or a continuous and on going maintenance does of a dab a day? The "Massive Dose Theory" presumes one consumes a massive does in order to "reset" the bp long term....The "Dab a Day Theory" presumes one cannot "reset" the blood pressure long term using a cannabis therapy, but that such therapies can be effective in "controlling" bp if the oil is taken in small daily doses. Anyone have any experience or thoughts? Thanks
  4. Ive only lived in Mi a year...I live in western MI....I found the capital for tomorrow but anybody an address on this Loft? Thanks
  5. That's my experience and my position as well...although I am not so sure about the CO ownership part...
  6. I am moving in that direction and "yes" I'd like to speak with you about this. I should be ready to proceed fully by year end. In the meantime, I'd like to get looped in a bit. I am new to Michigan and I am in the far western end of the state. I'd tried to send you an e-mail a few daze ago on these very issues, but got something back about...you couldnt get any more e-mails.
  7. The way they are talking about writing these ords doesnt seem to be much in line with the intent of the law....by requiring all CGs to grow in a common facility on the outskirts of town where space has to be rented or purchased would make it difficult and expensive for one partner to care for another....it strikes me as kind of mafioso in a way...to be a CG in this town for 1 or 5 patients (they dont care) you'll have to,l in essence, "pay tribute" to the person who owns the CG grow property in town or sells the spaces...I could do as you suggest and lay low, but why did we pass a law if in the solution is to stay in the closet?
  8. 7 trips to XXX. Just to chill Rokerij. I like the one near the Van Gogh Museum best. Also, take a field trip to Haarlem (20 min by train) Cafe Sativa Temple Ball mmmmmmm good! And dont forget shrooms in Vondel Park.... http://www.rokerij.net/
  9. I have a question on the following passage "The caregiver's intent must be to make a profit." Is there a typo here or am I missing something? I thought the statute said CGs can't show a profit so how can a CG intend to make one? Thanks again everyone. You guys ROCK! This is heating up. It appears LE has slithered out from under their rock and asserted themselves into the process. In a week, this town went from singing Kumbya on CG as Home Occ to "put them out on the hwy so the police can keep an eye on them". Its for our own safety, you know. CGs cant be trusted to plug in a light. So we need to be protected from ourselves, and apparently the residents, particularly teens, in this town apparently cant be trusted either because CG as a home occ would result in all kinds of break-ins. Obviously. Why didnt I think of that? Maybe, because I proceed from the basis of trust in dealing with people and adapt my position when they prove themselves untrustworthy.
  10. Thank You! I moved here from a "dont ask dont tell" state. I was about to buy a place here when this hit. If I wanted to crawl on my knees and hide in the shadows, I would have stayed where I was. So, the question for me is do I want to stay and fight or go buy a place in a more compassionate community...or at least one that follows the law...rather than their interpretation of it...if I decide to stay and fight with them this gives me something to fight with...
  11. As much as I'd like to believe that, I dont hear a lot of challenges to these ords based on that argument. If it was iron-clad I'd think movement attys would be all over it.
  12. Thanks. Could you explain this. I am new to Michigan and dont know much about this Farm Act.. if they are forcing it into industrial, then they are saying it is a commercial grow, which then it becomes part of the Right to Farm Act, and they can't stop you from growing anywhere. Are you saying you think if they force us into the industrial area, it makes growing a commercial enterprise and therefore somehow the Farm Act enters into it so you can grow it anywhere because they treated it as commercial? Or are you saying something else?
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