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  1. check cashed 9-16 Patient got card 1/26/11 still waiting on my cg card but shouldn't be too far behind. Will be waiting on the mailman everyday Now!!
  2. Nicely done! the necessity part is the best.
  3. You have inspired me Nameless_Hero to make a label too! Doesn't look as official but I think it looks cool. Hope someone likes it!
  4. I would think they could get you on not having the correct address on your paper work if his plants weren't registered to your address. The caregiver change form requires you to give the address if you move, so they want to know where the plants are is what I am thinking.If he is a patient and his own caregiver, I would think you could legally grow together if his address was the same as the place where the plants were. However,I think it would be safest if you became his caregiver and he just helped you cultivate like you would be doing anyway. I am not a lawyer or anything this is just my op
  5. This place is good too. Dr.Crocker is a good guy, everyone is helpful and nice. Cost is $200, has offices in G.R. and Kalamazoo. http://www.michiganholistichealth.com/index.html
  6. Good luck in December ! Keep us informed!
  7. I charge my patients (the ones I do charge) $100/oz every strain every time. If they have financial hardship such as one patient of mine who is on a fixed income I give Her Meds to her. Never charged one red cent. I'm not in this to make money, and the patients who pay $100/oz pay for my electricity and my time. I run a 1000 Watt light and a 400 watt for veg and it only costs about $200/mo for electricity. I think $250 an ounce is a ripoff in my honest opinion. I veg from clones for 6 weeks then flower for 8-9 weeks. So I have 4 months worth of electricity into it for a full harvest. 8 ounces
  8. Thanks for the info guys! I guess Ill hope for 100% clone success !!!
  9. This may be a stupid question, but I am a caregiver for 2 patients, allowed to posess 24 plants. Now are cuttings in the cloner considered plants before they root? I usually take more cuttings then I need and pick the healthiest looking ones to veg and get rid of the rest.Do the cuttings count towards my plant limit before they root I guess is my actual question. The law really doesnt say anything about it, and I assume LEO would count each one as a plant even though it doesnt have roots. If anyone has any input or experience in this subject please let me know! Thanks!
  10. Really..Hm, Small world, I live Right Near there., How long before roots?., I'm getting ready to cut that and some G13., Let me know., Any Ready you want to swap ?

  11. Havent done any steelheading but I am headed up to Baldwin on the Pere Marquette river Thursday-Sunday camping/salmon fishing. They were starting to come in decent last week!
  12. Nice. I have some super lemon haze and purple haze in the cloner at the moment.Pm me if your interesting in having more discussion on this. I have property between croton and hardy dams, less than 10 minutes to either Dam! Maybe we can get together.
  13. Anyone have any idea it takes for the change of caregiver to become effective? is it like the card wait 20 days to be legal or what? I have 1 patient already and dont want to endanger their harvest with too many plants because of the slow state.
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