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  1. No threat whatsoever to our new found rights, unless Amsterdam style cannabis clubs are what your defending. Long way to the senate floor, amendments, and enactment to overreact now.
  2. I liked the international bridge flip-flop he will never pull off. Just gonna have to fly in all those advanced college degree immigrants to fill Michigan's employment needs. I like this guy!!!!
  3. My sympathies to the officer's family. How tragic. Link please? Just wondering if this was, or should have been, done by the narco-terrorist squads? Just some uniformed officer's on a routine arrest? We're they provided adequate safety measures under the known circumstances? Granted these weren't cannabis terrorist's, living in their homes, paying taxes, requiring SWAT intervention to apprehend. I'm just saying............
  4. If this decision is left as written then the judge raised the bar for prosecution to an unreachable height. One small step for medical cannabis consumers!! Wars are won one battle at a time. Perhaps a reason to avoid too much pre-packaging and labeling that may assist prosecutor's in future cases?
  5. Voters rights absolutely. States rights? Remember your Civil War history? Wanna give 'em back to South Carolina? Sure would have changed things at last years Confederate celebrations held around that state. Therein lies the problem with this argument.
  6. Unfortunately BB you are so right. One person can accomplish only so much before exhaustion and reality set in. There are and will continue to be a core group of commited activists doing everything possible to protect our new found rights. Without the active participation and financial support of every one who has a stake we are lost. The opposition has every advantage and we need every resource. With the exception of the Michigan ACLU I feel I have no effectual means to utilize my donations to protect my interest as a patient/caregiver without supporting views I believe threaten my rights and access to MM. Who leads this fight and what other organizations are working in concert with them, not on some special interest aspect like dispensaries? Have we a coalition led by whoever and whatever the leading MM organization may be? MMMA? CPU? MACC? MINORML? Other? Just where are we all going, and are we going there together? Who shall I follow? Who shall I support? Provide me answer that makes sense. Not a sales pitch.
  7. JB it is all about $$$$$. $$$$$ are the ammunition of the enemy for fighting this war. So the answer is? National organizations like the MPP have lead the way and we all, every on of us, owe them membership, and if possible financial support, but membership numbers matter. I have found but two opportunities in Michigan worthy of my investment and stake in medical cannabis. Neither will change the world but are doing the right things for what I believe are the right reasons. I will continue my support on the national and local level LEAP, MPP, NORML, MINORML, ACLU of Michigan, and one long term commitment in Michigan for MM. After that I'm tapped out for state level contributions. We are a splintered movement without direction and until that changes..................
  8. Don't think I'll be wagering any large amounts of money on either of these gentlemen's longevity. There are just some things the common man doesn't need to know for the financial world to continue turning. Housing values predicted to continue falling , unemployment predicted to remain stagnant for years, and the strongest economic growth in some time. Makes perfectly good sense to just continue on the same path until we get there. Where ever that is.
  9. My astrological signs missing: No U Turn!
  10. How much is the administrator of this PAC compensated for the effort, What strategies are planned? Like to know where my money is going before I spend it.
  11. It is not conspiracy paranoia. Unlike this small mostly poor or middle class community of patients who struggle to organize against the opposition who has billions at their disposal ,employees in dozens of agencies local, state, and federal law enforcement coordinating efforts and well compensated, Having 40 hours or more a week to concentrate and plan. Provided state of the art equipment. Now holding state government administrative advantage, legislative leverage, and Supreme court advantage. Oak Park is L. Brooks Patterson territory. while evil he is not stupid, something's in the making. Will they succeed? Hard to imagine, but if their going after the likes of Big Daddy's, and Rick's valiant efforts on the part of this community, it appears something's afoot. An Ag that cocerns himself more with MDCH employee immunity than protecting the people. WTF? Law enforcement loses nothing completing investigations, effecting arrests, and moving forward pending the DEA's motion succeeding in Federal court. Engaging in a war of attrition. How much financial damage can this community afford to suffer at the hands of these unethical politician's? Not to mention the loss of freedom lost by our undeserving neighbors. War by attrition. That and the, now stock, fear mongering. Let us hope the newly elected, conservative Supreme court does what one would expect by respecting and upholding the will of the people. This is truly our only hope now.
  12. The lame duck scramble said it all. Obama will have a diffcult time walking the tightrope he, and the Republicans created.
  13. The way I read this Greg you first need to file for and be granted declatory decree citing the violation and ordering it corrected. Then if they violate again you may be entitled to compensation for injury. Question is how does one go about obtaining a declatory degree against Mr. Schuette or appropriate party? Then of course we aren't even considering the federal law impact. That may be the Catch-22.
  14. 27 years in as a Michigan civil servant working for the MDCH. I clearly understand the employee complaint process from the inside, but have no idea how a Michigan citizen files and receives resolution against a state employee interfering with that citizen's rights. Been searching the State of Michigan website to no avail. Anybody?
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