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    Spending time with my ladies and racing
  1. Hey are you onj Yellowbullet

  2. People of Wayne county need to put a stop to the rampant waste of money. If all of the people in wayne county voted they could change how things run!
  3. G13,haze 8 well rooted clones.
  4. I have well rooted clones for donations send me a pm and I will respond In lenawee county!
  5. Thanks I did alot of reading today and comparing pics Looks like the same leaf
  6. I have a g13 x haze supposedly, its very very bushy as a mother the bottom leaves where single leaves, it is super easy to clone as well, I have 6 in flower for a week now they have doubled in size, root mass is incredible! I have had 100% success with cuttings. I have tried to research what the look like and I havent had much sucess,
  7. I quit taking any type of pills for pain in 07 thanks to a green friend Im a different person I think now. I have regained my life back!
  8. Painedexpresion


  9. i wouldnt grow under leds, but i will use the green ones to do grow room tasks after dark and sometimes i just sit in the flower rooms, under the green led light, after dark, medicate, and smile Groovy!!!!!!!!!!!11
  10. I wouldnt put up with any crap from any jack hole that pushy, you know what to do, set ole dude straight or tell him to take a hike!
  11. Ya know Im gonna have to try this out hell Im only 15 mins from there and I have a 4x4
  12. Im a drummer and I sing some too I sold my drums because I didnt wanna have anymore drama last band I was in was over the top with stress and drama I would love to jam again
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