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    Just a few of my favorite photos over the years.
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  3. What's on your mind?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHowqKYSXNI

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      this song should lift some spirits

  4. I hope you're ok :( *gentle HuGS*

  5. I'm looking into grants available by the state and u.s. government for not-for-profit organizations. It seems that, aside from "baked" sales and/or concerts and festivals, there just isn't the willingness of the "unexposed" public to do anything in the way of helping people get the medications and treatment they are legally allowed to use. It is my hope that eventually, at the very least, the next step in the process is California's Prop. 19 being voted on this November to outwardly legalize marijuana, which would, in my understanding, be "decriminalization". In the mean time, locally we ar
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