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  1. I'm looking into grants available by the state and u.s. government for not-for-profit organizations. It seems that, aside from "baked" sales and/or concerts and festivals, there just isn't the willingness of the "unexposed" public to do anything in the way of helping people get the medications and treatment they are legally allowed to use. It is my hope that eventually, at the very least, the next step in the process is California's Prop. 19 being voted on this November to outwardly legalize marijuana, which would, in my understanding, be "decriminalization". In the mean time, locally we are still being told of truck loads being confinscated in seizures... what are you morons thinking about? We here in Michigan have the right, providing we are within the Medical Marijuana state criteria, to grow our own, or to appoint someone to grow for us. Why tempt fate to the nth degree to try and make a buck off people? It is this type of behavior that only feeds the stereotype that people that use marijuana are criminals. In the mean time, people who are truely suffering in other, non legalized states, are suffering or looking to move to legalized medical states to find the treatment they not only require, but deserve as human beings. I'm not even going to get into the history of legalization or prohibition of marijuana. It is time we, as a country, realize that we the people smoke pot. We the people, grow pot. We the people deserve to not be considered criminals for using medicines that ease our symptoms and create a better quality of life, liberly, and the persuit of happiness. To those of you who have never smoked pot, I invite you to take a bong rip to the head and tell me that you have any desire to do anything that would be considered harmful to anyone, including yourself. The u.s. government meanwhile is either giving away millions of dollars to pharmasutical companies or giving them tax breaks to produce "the next super cure" in the form a pill that can be marketted. Guess what? Everything we need is provided by the planet or the life on it. This started as a way of asking for help from anyone who has information on fund raising, but has obviously stemmed into something more of my personal mission.


    Thanks and sorry it was so long.



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