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  1. Look, whether or not I'm legal really makes no difference to the Oakland County Sheriff Department, since they have no way of knowing right now if I'm legal or not. All I know is that about an hour after this traffic stop a Sheriff helicopter flew in, circled my block and my house and left. So yeah, I am a little worried. Not that I'm going to prison, but mostly about the goon squad kicking down my door at 5 am and shooting my dog. I'm pretty sure you'd be worried as well. Anyhoo, thankfully the goon squad did NOT kick down my door last night, although I still have no reason to think it
  2. Here is my situation: I am a caregiver in northern Oakland County (Pontiac). Because of some issues unrelated to medical marijuana my license is not valid at the present time, so I had my girlfriend give me a ride to my line cook job this afternoon. She was driving my car (which is a little messy) and on the way back home from dropping me off at work was pulled over by the Oakland County Sheriff Department for speeding. During the traffic stop the officer noticed a few pieces of ducting which were in my backseat and commented on them. My girlfriend said only that the car was not hers but mine
  3. A friend of mine in Ann Arbor is preparing to get her card. Has already pulled all of her medical records but is looking for a credible, but affordable clinic in the area. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  4. You know, I've actually found sativas to be really good for certain kinds of pain. I get really terrible migraines and while a sativa doesn't take away all the pain, it does reduce, it gives me enough energy to focus on other things, instead of just lying in a dark room. I smoked an indica during a migraine once and it just made me 10x more miserable. But for other kinds of pain indicas win hands down. I suspect that sativas would be good for neuropathic pain as well, but I don't know for sure. edit: But also to stay on topic, I generally harvest sativas at 100% cloudy (well I'm sure
  5. I know when I voted for it I assumed the marijuana would just appear in my hands. My god, did you know that people are growing, processing, AND distributing it? Also, just about everyone else I know who voted for it saw this whole dispensary thing coming from a mile away. But I guess Bridget Smith knows whats going on in our minds better than we do. If only I had her around to make all of my decisions for me, hell, even think my thoughts for me, then everything would be perfect. Sorry. In a bad mood today...
  6. Add Tim Melton to the maybe pile? He is a Democrat for Pontiac/Auburn Hills and is term-limited out in 2012. I have written him multiple letters in the last two weeks and have yet to receive a response. I don't want to automatically call him a foe since I don't know WHAT his position is, but I'd call him a wild card at best, since he couldn't really care less who I vote for...
  7. Wow. I've got to say, I'm almost impressed by the cajones these Reps must have to submit a bill that is so clearly a violation of the First Amendment. I think this might work to our advantage though, if we shout it from the rooftops. There are no cute buzzwords to give them even the impression of being 'tough on crime,' and no matter how people feel about medical marijuana, Americans are usually pretty supportive of free speech. It's the First Amendment for a reason. This bill could lead to the opposition's unraveling and expose them for the crooks and liars we already know they are.
  8. Lucky for me, I don't usually go to the DEA for medical advice. If I want to know how start small wars in Latin American countries or how to get a leg up in the Afghan heroin trade, then I call the DEA. Most of the time though, I listen to my doctor.
  9. That article is so thick with doublespeak, it makes me want to puke. Are people really going to be swayed by these incoherent, inconsistent and self contradictory arguments? I hope not...
  10. To me it looks like ph problems and/or salt buildup in the soil causing a deficiency. I would give her a nice flush of ph adjusted water and when it dries out give it a light feeding, maybe half strength or so and work your way back up.
  11. I saw this for the first time a few years back, in college...I wasn't sure for awhile that it wasn't a joke. Mostly I think I just felt dirty laughing.
  12. I'll bite. I think the small office would be your best bet, although controlling smell will be a concern. The closet is definitely too small for BOTH veg and flower, but if you use the space right you could fit 4-6 small vegging plants in there, plus some seedlings/cuttings, etc. But if you even suspect there is mold anywhere in the basement I wouldn't touch it. Just make sure if you bloom in that office to have a good carbon filter and I would vent your exhaust into the townhouse rather than directly outside.
  13. Daddy Nothing

    Flower - May/June

    Reconstruction of bloomroom plus some Chemdog and Congo Haze plants.
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