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  1. two weeks after the check cleared the bank. My old card is still valid for a week. Nice job LARA.
  2. While I "prefer" organic, I'm not a purest.
  3. I don't dispute the results from synthetics, they are definitely there, I prefer to keep synthetic chemical out of anything ingested.
  4. Thanks for the thoughts. I got into organics a couple years ago because I eat organic as much as I can and figured that I should do the same with cannabis. I agree with the comment that only organic is med grade.
  5. Please share your thoughts on organic meds. Would you prefer organic? Do you care if it's organic? Do you use organic?
  6. I made the 150 mile round trip to the Jackson Market today. Had a good time and met some good people. Thanks for the event.
  7. Thanks for the info. I guess I'll have to check it out for myself.
  8. Can someone fill me in on the "Farmer's Market" format? Some of my concerns are legality, security and verification of ID.
  9. My wife has been waiting almost six months for her card. She spoke with a rep from LARA who indicated the wrong zip code was used and the card was returned and has sat in their office for several weeks. She was told a new card was being issued and she should have it by the end of last week......guess what?.....no card as of today. The issuing of ID cards is a topic that needs to be discussed when talking about "clarifying" the law.
  10. Today I received a letter from the state notifying me that my renewal has been approved and the "card printing process has been delayed, so this letter is being issued as your notification of approval." The letter also states "Should law enforcement need to validate your status with our department, you must produce this entire notice of approval letter." Is this part of the law? Is the state following the law? What takes over four months to issue a card?
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