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  1. Hi, i live in troy and am looking for a new caregiver. I really want someone close, and I'm more concerned with quality over quantity and I like a variety. I generally consume about an oz a month. Please let me know if you are local and have an opening.
  2. I've never 7sed a plenty, but I read alot. The plenty seems to use alot of men's based on reviews. I've read it has a really large bowl. I do own a crafty though, and it is hands down the best portable vape I've used.
  3. Bro if you don't need super portable, but want something smaller, consider the arizer air, or arizer solo. Both can be had relatively inexpensively. I've had a solo for a lot of years, and it was always my favorite until I got my crafty. I've owned a ton of vapes, and every time (until recently) the solo was my favorite
  4. I use my arizer solo the most. It's cordless and kind of portable, but the battery is awesome, and it is super efficient
  5. nope, can't use aa's. It's a proprietary battery. The unit comes with 2, you can buy extended life batteries for it also. The battery life isn't terrible, you will get a few bowls out of a battery. Whether the flower comes in contact with a heat element depends on which screen you use. One of the screen setups allows flower to contact the sides of the combustion chamber, it probably isn't the actual heating element. If you're using oil, you have to use the "cans" but with oils, the unit has to be kept horizontal, or it will leak. One of the minor complaints out there. And no. No
  6. I've got a haze 2.5 and its a pretty darn good unit. I like it for the portability. Everything fits into the unit, so it's easy to take with you. Haze is an awesome company to do business with, they have the upgrade program, where when the next upgraded unit comes out, they will update your unit for $100. That one time fee also entitles you to all future upgrades at no cost. If you have any other questions, let me know. I'd be glad to answer them
  7. I've also had quite a few others by the way. Didn't much care for the magic flight launch box, and liked the vapir no2, but replaced it with my solo
  8. I can say from past experience, the Arizer solo is fabulous. I have a firefly also and really dislike the unit. My next portable vaporizer will be either a haze, or a crafty.
  9. If we all stood up on a lot of different issues/topics they wouldn't be problems
  10. @solabiertan-- they just want you to change your password, I had to do it yesterday. Request a reset and your acct will be all good. @norby--I would suggest an arizer solo personally. It's awesome. If you check puffitup.com they are a licensed retailer so all your warranties will be honored. And they carry a ton of different ones. If you want to research the different capes, check out fuckcombustion.com . They have a wealth of information about all the different brands
  11. I've been vaping for quite a few years and have owned quite a few of them. In my opinion, the arizer solo is great for plant material. And for concentrates, I have and love my omicron. Both are regarded very highly by vaporists. If you get a solo, they sell a special type of stem for it that increases the airflow through the unit, which makes it a better experience.
  12. I've owned quite a few vaporizers, and my favorite for flowers Is the arizer solo. I've had a launch box, which I didn't like very much, a vapir no2 that as pretty good, but the solo has whipped them all hands down
  13. I picked up an omicron a few weeks ago and it amazing. Absolutely love it. Check out the reviews and torture tests on YouTube. The guys at w9 did an incredible job with it.
  14. I personally didn't like the straight tubes, and wood will probably start to stink after a while. By the way, I wasn't trying to be a jerk with the google comment, I was just clarifying the name for you so you could google the proper thing--I apologize if it was taken that way
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