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  1. dude you kicked me off your friends list whats going on man

  2. Hopefully this will get sent to your phone or something but I lost all my numbers get ahold of me sometime.

  3. your mailbox is full

  4. i am trying to reach you about your overages but you can't receive messages. Please contact me via pm.

  5. I took February off from life and when I was in the hospital I lost all my phone contacts from the past 6 months or so.
  6. Jipo what's up man long time no see!
  7. Brighton Area Compassion Club Promoting Positive Patient Outcomes Through Cannabis Therapy A message to all members of Brighton Area Compassion Club Due to recently revealed facts about the promoters of the Expo being held this weekend in Novi, the BACC, after much discussion and, finally, coming to an agreement among the board members of the group, we will not be attending the event. It has come to light that this is likely not to benefit the community at all, in fact, the major money man for the promoters has stated that "we don't need the cannabis community leadership" nor do they want our input, and so, we shall see how that works for them. If any of you have further concerns, I am willing to discuss this with you. I suggest that no one take any medicine with them to Novi, as Oakland and Novi police will be there "in force", both uniformed and plain clothes officers. There will be profileing done, so the odds are that many will be pulled over as they leave the event. If you get on the "medicine" bus and travel to their "safe" smoke spot there could be a surprise waiting for you. I apologize to the many of you who were looking forward to this event, but I must make these statements and follow my heart. I feel it is important that we protect you from those who don't care if they do you harm, and admit that we were completely taken in by this group running the event. Better we find out their intent later than never at all. We have tried very hard to keep the name of the BACC clean and unsullied and will continue to do so in the future... I will be there, but the BACC will not have a booth, nor will I be giving classes as scheduled. When I discovered that instead of allowing folks to learn from me gratis, and charging a fee for my class, I had to withdraw. Look for me at the MINORML booth, or at the ASA booth, where I will attempt to put some legitamacy to our community and counter what will likely be "bad press". Any questions should be directed to me, SORRY DIDN'T REALIZE YOUR PHONE NUMBER WAS IN HERE! Visit Brighton Area Compassion Club at: http://brightoncompassion.ning.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_network
  8. what up stiffler long time no hear what u do block me from sending messages

  9. I would go there and demand copy of proof that they mailed your paperwork and payment out. I would be in their lobby if they have one raising hell.
  10. Seems like there is a lot of tension on the boards lately! Can't we all just get along?
  11. I don't know if I can make I'm hoping next time you can give me a little more advanced notice! I think this is Father's Day weekend too! Maybe some family bonding time up at Lake George if both are patients.
  12. hmm there's another post that has a direct phone number to someone specific, I thought it said something like we have an angel in Lansing but I'm not sure.
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