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  1. dude you kicked me off your friends list whats going on man

  2. Hopefully this will get sent to your phone or something but I lost all my numbers get ahold of me sometime.

  3. your mailbox is full

  4. i am trying to reach you about your overages but you can't receive messages. Please contact me via pm.

  5. what up stiffler long time no hear what u do block me from sending messages

  6. A+ member in my book lol

    Good people.

  7. What up man? Where you been?

  8. hows those little ones doing hit me up player

  9. detroitdjs

    Veg Room

  10. I still don't see anything! :o)

  11. Yo I was just kidding come back it's lonely in here! lol talk to you later

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