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  1. Ok. Can we have another one? I don't mean to sound lazy, just don't have the capability right now.
  2. I pasted Michael's letter in. I didn't send the ones that were there. Then I hit submit. Pretty much think that's right.
  3. We need an auto email program like I've seen here on before. Make it easy as possible, I can't cut and paste all the dems addresses, migraine coming. Help? Ok I used this and just cut and pasted the letter in. I'm not sure if just goes to Dems or everyone...but it went out very easily. http://michiganmedicalmarijuana.org/email/MMMA_minorml_email_form_letter1.html
  4. I tried learning about the veganics but there's no real step by step info on that site, at least the last time I checked. I would prefer to learn to grow this way, but I'm a newbie and can't just make up stuff as I go along. Is there more info on veganics? I'm also vegan and eat lots of organic food so veganics makes sense that way to me.
  5. Oh and mental disabilities are harder to prove and get justification for, but if you stay out of the system, and stay out of trouble, most people are going to just let you go about your business. The first time you have a denial of access, you'll find out what you're made of. I disagree with calling a service dog someone's baby. My dogs are working dogs, contributing members of our home, but they are not babies. They are not people. They are not pets that I'm parading out in public. They get plenty of love, attention, exercise, better food than I sometimes eat, but they are not babies. Pe
  6. No recommendation from your doctor to use a service dog, that's an outright misstatement of federal and state law. You, an American citizen, get to determine your own health, medical, and mental needs and make a decision for YOURSELF whether a service dog would assist you /mitigate a disability. If you want to sue in court or get the county/city to prosecute someone who fails to grant you access, you better be able to back up your claims that you're disabled and the dog performs a task that mitigates your disability. There is no state registry for service dogs. What the state has is a list
  7. I travel with medicated candies and simpson oil capsules that I put in a vitamin jar with similar vitamin E capsules. I think unless you are acting suspicious and it smells (candies and oil capsules do not, in my opinion) then you're likely to be ok. I would not travel with bud. Good bud is easy to find on the black market in nonmedical states. It's not all mexican brick weed. In fact, I had some purple kush type strain that was very, very good. Nothing else hits my pain, I've been on them all - opiods, oxy, nsaids, anti anxiety, anti-depression, anti- LIFE. Now that I found a good oil source
  8. I think you should think about one - changing up your stain and two - getting on simpson oil as it has been a better pain killer than smoking for me. It's also been more economical for me to use the oil vs smoking and definitely better results. You might have to talk to a few growers/caregivers/dispensaries whatever or do research to find out what other people use. Using a combo of strains might also help. I don't have scoliosis but I do have chronic pain for over a decade. It hurts in my bones, my muscles, and sometimes my GD hair! The oil has been a lifesaver and you might find the paranoia
  9. Over my dead body would I register. Yes, this is against state law as it is a sovereignty issue. They cannot make laws abridging the state law. There is no way in heck they can prevent people from using or growing. I feel like moving there just to prove a point.... I mean I even briefly thought about the idea of registering myself in that I'd rather not be raided, but then again, they have no right to my medical information or what legal drugs I use. I won't give up my privacy for some "sense" of safety, which is all illusory anyhow. Registering with the police? BWAHHAAHA! How about af
  10. I hate to ask...but what can this a-hole do to us, the worst? the best?? Scared.
  11. I believe leaf and trim has higher CBD content which could also contribute to headaches.
  12. Sent in our absentee ballots already. I voted (and supported) Leyton. I also did not vote for Young on the SCt.
  13. "I do not understand how anyone could defend a YES answer to the OP question after reading Section 4b. Unless they are backing it up with Section 8 AD - which does not make it legal, just defensible in court." Defensible means legal, duh. For example, it's illegal to kill someone unless it's in self defense or otherwise justifiable. So legally, it's ok. Not just defensible, but legal. An affirmative defense is also allowed under rules of Criminal Procedure. For example, a defendant accused of assault may claim to have been intoxicated or insane, to have struck out in Self-Defense, or
  14. "... OR if the patient gets caught selling. It can be anything, as long as the rebuttal sounds convincing to a jury.: Please explain to me how you derive this conclusion from the rebuttable presumption language? It doesn't say anything about transferring as being part of the rebuttable presumption. I understand you have a careful respect of the law, but I think it goes too far. People who are willing to follow the law may have to back it up in court, this much is true. But when I read your posts, they stretch things way to far in my opinion. WDT
  15. Cheaper route is Dr. Scott Graves. He's in Mt Morris MI north of Flint. He's only $100, you bring your own application or he has one for $10. Don't know if this is a possibility for you to drive that far.
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