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  1. But when the lawsuits hit the fan: the Wal-Mart employee wins, the Ferndale case Wins, and Federal Government continues to avoid state mmj laws even more at least the so called "Smaller-government" proponents will be forced to live by their words
  2. Dentures. What benefit do you have in going against the grain? You must just be an "uber-patriot" since our government also enjoys going against the grain spending $10 billion a year on pot alone. I know you are going to turn around and say "Well Im arguing the other side for your guys benefit. You people need to understand how the world and law works". Regardless if every court decision from this point on ends up being Anti-MMJ it doesnt matter and it doesnt mean its right. The government will still waste money as people still smoke weed. Targeting marijuana users and growers (most of th
  3. This day couldn't have come at a better time. While our state resources are being used targeting medical marijuana patients and while the Federal Government spends $10 Billion a year fighting marijuana alone, there are those who are fighting for their lives. The DEA can make announcements threatening MMJ users, but will we ever hear the DEA say they just got Osama Bin Laden in a Afghani opium field? Nah. I love my country, but it is truly hard to fight just to clean up messes that our government leaves behind. Well I know many veterans use marijuana as I can tell you first hand it beats the
  4. Its so funny. I wonder how many paralegals and/or assistant attorneys are on here trying to gather "research". lol. Ive watched a bunch of clips on Youtube from various news programs debating the topic and this is the how every single one goes. Pro-Marijuana argument: The person always states facts, statistics, research to back up every (and i mean every) single claim they make on the air Anti-Marijuana: ALways the same few things: Gateway drug, expose to children, supporting terrorists. lol. opinions and speculation. One guy even admitted he smokes tobacco and drinks, and that its
  5. I envy your ability to be so care free about all issues. Honestly, if someone just joined this site and read that, could it freak a newbie out? I would lean towards yes on that one. All I did was copy an excerpt from the law. Here Ctrl+C then Ctrl+V.. Now you can do it too. out of roughly 60 thousand registered cgs and patients there are only around 17 thousand on this site (some probably not even registered) I dont need to prove my worth or credibility through time spent as a forum member.
  6. Ok so if you don't qualify then youre accepted? No that's just a different way of saying denied. And to phaqetoo.. The man said he had been seeing people for his chronic pain for some time that's bad advice to tell him to ask those doctors prior or at least getting the med records from them first? I want what you guys are smoking.
  7. Ok but if the doctor clinic he/she ended up visiting denied him or the State denies him, then that's false hope isnt it? cheers
  8. I would like everyone to take notice on people newly registered to this website and immediately their first post is some type of scare tactic. Could this be out of concern? Sure, I will give anyone the benefit of the doubt, but wow, first post. The only records I know police have are the ones they confiscated in those raids, which are supposed to be confidential. Quoted verbatim from the LAW (h) The following confidentiality rules shall apply: (1) Applications and supporting information submitted by qualifying patients, including information regarding their primary caregivers a
  9. Please visit the MDCH website and keep in mind that almost 8,000 people have been denied due to insufficient documentation. It has to be qualifying.
  10. My only advice is to consult with the physicians you have been seeing and collect copies of your medical records. If they suffice, then it is possible a clinic could help after reviewing them and giving you an extensive interview.
  11. Consult with your primary care physician. That should be the first course of action you take in my opinion. Either way you would have to go and obtain the records from them anyways, correct?
  12. Doctors don't hand out certifications like police do with speeding tickets. Not everyone is just "good to go".
  13. Well Mr Vega, unless you are a doctor, don't give out medical advice. Paymon.. consult with your primary care physician. Although the vast medical benefits have been proven with marijuana, it's still fairly new in our state. Some doctors may be fine with recommending it, some may be hesitant. If that is the case, you can bring your medical records to a MMJ Clinic. If they meet the requirements of a qualifying patient THEN youre good to go.
  14. Medical Marijuana Advocates Concerned About Schuette's Bid for A.G. Recent poll indicated Schuette up by 13 points. 24% UNDECIDED. VOTE!
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