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  1. Mmm Deathstar my favorite variety of cannabis, amazing flavor and smell with the "no ceiling" potency haha had it in out stable for 7-8 months now but yeah dude above me is right its from Ohio.
  2. When doing a solvent extraction you really have to be careful, no one for sure knows what chemicals the alcohol will leech out. There is a possibility it could kill all the PM off but also there is the possibility of the alcohol concentrating the PM which would be horrible. Just my 2 cents, I don't use anything for extraction I wouldn't roll up and smoke.
  3. Ask 10 people where bubba came from you'll get 10 stories, I've heard "bubba" a guy in Florida found the seed in a dank bag and spread it everywhere. Thats from "bubba" himself in a weedmaps interview on YouTube. But who really knows, if it's good meds get a clone and keep growing it! There it is, guess it was straight northern lights!
  4. Get me some of that bubba lol, I've never had smoked marijuana effect me like that, I have gotten pretty dizzy from edibles but that's a whole other ball park. My best guess is it was in your head or you had some killer bud you couldn't handle because every bubba I've had has been great. I agree with you on pineapple kush though that stuff is fire if you got the right cut! Straight fuely lemons with pineapple undertones mmmm.
  5. I agree that dry ice hash is inferior to ice water extract, however when you do an ice water extraction you lose a lot of water soluble terpenes. Look up skunk man sam dry sift on google for some of the most pure mmj concentrate in the world. No dry ice, no water. Just screens and fresh frozen grade A trim. That's how you get the best, pure full melt hash. IMO.
  6. If i remember correctly the Officer told me if I refused a blood test my license is suspended for 6 months under Michigan law. Edit: and after being yanked around in court for a year and paying any extra money I make to my attorney I wonder if refusing a blood test would have been better..
  7. Not asking for legal advice but what does that mean for someone who's being charged with operating while under the influence of drugs and were waiting for this decision? Will it still be the waiting game until the supreme court overturns it or will my case move forward now?
  8. Well this was the ruling me and my lawyer were waiting for... Looks like I have some trouble ahead of me..
  9. Everyone likes to think they have the best method, why people can't understand that more then one method works is beyond me. For grade A butane extraction you'll need the following: grade A material(nothing that isn't absolutely coated in trichomes),a stainless steel or glass extraction tube, a Pyrex dish, and razor blades. After the extraction comes the purge which is in my opinion what makes or breaks your final product. There are many different way to purge out the solvent, the most common and easy being repeated hot water baths. (I use a vacuum pump anyone want info pm me or something
  10. Didn't read word for word but what I'm getting is that transfers will only be allowed in "medical marijuana facilities" so what does that mean for the everyday caregiver just growing for a couple people and not trying to supply a despensery? I see in some townships (Springfield) they offer actual licenses for co-ops and despenseries. $25,000 a year for a license that lets you run a dispensary that can serve 101+ patients. My buddy who owns a place out there said even regular caregivers have to get licensed for how many plants and patients they'll be helping or run the risk of local LEO ma
  11. I'm sure these guys aren't planning on selling 100 clones at $250.. Maybe like 5 so once those 5 are bought and grown out as mothers each of those 5 people will take 10 clones and sell them for $50 each and so on until it's flooded the market and cheap. The price is justified IMO because someone had to work and dedicate funds and time to get these results. Anyone who has done any sort of pheno selecting knows it's not the quickest thing also you're not going to be growing full blast because of all the plant number you have to have tied up. If you don't want/need cannalytics help in getti
  12. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but to my knowledge the GC3 market operates 3-4 days a week with 2 shifts each table is 25 or 35 for a shift and then they have bigger booths for 50 or 60 I believe a shift. Every time I went there it was jam packed front to back lots of good stuff too! I'd say anywhere from 20-30 vendors but remember there's two shifts every market.
  13. Don't even get me started in this subject... Fighting my own case now for a year and a month.. I wasn't even smoking or medicated at the time but god forbid I rolled thru a flashing light at 12 am when no cars were in sight. Sneaky gentleman was hiding in the shadows. In his own words after I passed the sobriety test perfectly "running that light and the smell of marijuana is enough probable cause for an arrest" It's not fair. Edit:haha gentlemen is a little nicer word then I originally typed.
  14. It sucks, this was such an awesome place for patients to get there meds and meet and talk with caregivers and others from our community. I hope it all works out.
  15. Amen on that! I don't understand how some of these growers can have 6 or 7 different strains and they all look smell and smoke the same haha. Too much watered down genetics floating around !
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