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  1. Think I'll do some looking today.yummmmmmmm
  2. Well I can tell you first hand that the oil Helped a friends daughter of mine shrink her brain cancer tumor. This is documented by her team of cancer doctors as she was stage 4 and the tumor was growing fast. She started taking the oil at a 1/2 gram by mouth 3 times a day and within 3 weeks the tumor had shrunk to the point of almost being gone.. Her doctors are speechless and just told her to not stop taking it. This girl has 5 kids and is under 30 yrs old so was desperate. I gave them as much simpson oil as I could make for her and so far it has been the only thing that's stopped the cancer
  3. I said this for the moment we got this dumped in our lap, this needs to be turned over to auditors and Law enforcement and have them sort this mess out. All we're gonna get is he said, she said type crap and thats all we've gotten so far. Hell can't even get the question of not for profit or for profit answered for this club so the issues still over shadows us here. I'd like to know the names of the board and whom the new leader is anyways.....
  4. The mmma should have set up this fund for defending the Act and folks that are getting screwed over by the courts but they never did. So folks are left to themselves period.I just went thru a raid 2 days ago and while I was refusing to let them in without a warrant I was thinking if they do throw me in jail, whom will bail me out and help. NOBODY. I would not allow them to check my grow even tho I knew I'm 100% legal and way under my plant counts and med limits. I still refused to allow them in without a warrant period. They checked my cards and wished me a good day and left.
  5. Well we can just delete them all I guess. Lord you guys are hacking posts more now then we ever did.To funny and relax, ya cant keep the folks from asking or complaining as it's not gonna just stop. It's gonna take a while no matter what ya do so the more ya hack the worse it will get. So just relax. What happened to the rest of the mods? Did they quit on ya too????? I see T is still around but what about Bri? Did ya run him off too?????? Just asking as they may give ya a few pointers on trying to run the site. You'll get no help from MK as he never had anything to do with the site much or s
  6. Poor new mods just have no clue,,,,, no clue at all..... Tim we have a long, long way before things calm down now that MK opened the site back up to folks that where banned. Some got banned for flat BS as ya know but most of them got banned for a dam good reason. Good luck on trying to clean up the mess and I will just sit back and watch,lol.... I've been seeing all kinds of posts deleted without reason and without the post needing to be pulled as they where not flaming posts at all. No this will not just go away my friend no matter how bad it needs too.. The new mods just don't have a cl
  7. Yeah if someone said I was ripping the sick off I'd be spitting info out too Tim. Not just blowing it off and saying nothing.. Who are the board members ? What is the clubs filing? not for or for?? These questions Michael doesn't need to hide from. Fraud charges maybe if there even is any coming or needs to be coming. Those he maybe needs to be careful from posting granted, but myself I'd be wanting to clear my name as best I could. At this point we still have Joe's emails and Michaels, nothing... What we have as a membership is a bunch of questions and the timing of this issue sure stands o
  8. Yeah it's sad as this is not what the site was made for and is the only reason it's came this far. They can call me all the names they want or try to spin it off track as the plan seems to be which makes me wonder. Should make all of you folks wonder. Matters not I guess as money always trumps everything else. The site and mmma will fail as it seems it's all about the money,,,, all about the money....... Like I said, " no response, interesting,hmmmmmm"..............................
  9. Interesting..... No response about the not for profit/books issue. interesting.....
  10. nope Mal never sent me crap and what is MCP??? I don't troll weed sites so have no clue what they have posted and could careless. I just know mal has no screen shots of me threatening anyone, ever..... He's refereeing to my comment that folks may come calling in the night Of which I stated I don't condone such things. But when you F with folks life then best not be thinking some folks won't take this to heart. Just facts of life if you guys like it or not..... No just more of your guys BS as normal. Again this thread is about the books and getting the mmma back on track of which you hav
  11. You are too funny and love the spin. Why would you even be in this discussion? You seem to be here to just spin the issue.. the issue is the books. Not the silly crap you seem to keep bringing up that I condoned anything. I already asked ya for the screen shots of me saying something like that( which I never did) and for some reason you've yet to email me with them. Hmmmm why's that ??? cause ya don't have them DUH. Enough of your sillyness and wanting to spin the issue...The issue is the books of which you where not a member here if I remember. So why are you now here try'n to spin
  12. Then if a not for profit, whom is the board members and lets have a independent audit of the books. We tracked the page ya put up when this crap got dumped in our laps(the mods). Greg filed for not for profit for the mmma but the rest of the filings had not been filed so question is still is it NOW or not? If it is a not for profit then let us see the books or the independent audit report. A audit is the only way the cash issue will be settled as the rest of the he said she said Bs is just that BS..... Yeah there was tons of cash that came in from t-shirts sales as I was helping them at the
  13. Well, Michael has yet to answer the very simple question of: Is the mmma a not for profit or for profit. I think Michael should answer the question not someone else that don't really know. Simple question........ Who is the board members and who is the new leader of the group??????
  14. Is the MMMA a not for profit or not ? Also was a independent audit done so we all know the bs from the bs? We see Joe's BS, and now we see your BS, so who are we to believe ? If being ran as a not for profit who is the 3 board members and what checks and balances are in place so we know what funds the mmma does bring in is not under the control of 1 person and just ripped off? We have your story and we have Joe's so to whom are we to believe? At this point I don't believe either of ya so maybe a independent audit is in order here and the books opened. But then if this is not a not for pr
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