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  1. Im licensed plumber pm me if you need help, zak ..peace
  2. Hi my name is zak im a licensed plumber, and my partner is an hvac guy, im a caregiver and due work for several members of community and forum, pm me if you still need help, annonimity number one..peace
  3. Any idea as to why i only show a link and not a pic?
  4. Hey Jim thanx for taking the time and helping others you are as real as they get thanx, If i can help u out in anyway pm me, thanx again.. zak
  5. Awesome Bro thanx alot still trying to hook it up cant quit figure that out yet? hahaha
  6. I ve been hunting shrooms my whole life I have my uncles to thank for my obsession, back in the 80's my uncle started the michigan mushroom hunters club it was alot of fun meeting up and hunting and enjoying the woods, with others who enjoy the same, i do alot of my pikng in wayne county area, found four small ones on sat going today to harvest. Im down for meeting up and having a day hunt if others are interested, ive done real well in lapeer game area pretty big area< just a thought!!
  7. Thats really cool dave, i think we need more c.g's like urself , its refreshing to see people helping others....peace
  8. Hey it sounds like you guys have a great thing going up there, we have a place just north of atlanta, unfortinatly with all of the struggles and work with the community, i have not had the time to go up much this year but wen i due im sure to aTTEND, a meeting, keep up the good work..peace
  9. I would like to thank micheal for prepaaring such a strong and to the point article, and i am sure happy to have you fighting for our side thanks! Tonto
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