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  1. New center to start classes for patients,and caregivers. basic grow includes legal, horticulture 101,and grow room construction. Advanced classes available. Certificates for course completion. Our legal speaker is one of the best known legal minds on medical marijuana. Weekend classes forming now, tuition is $175.00(limited time). Discount on classes if your on medicade/medicare, mihealth or bridge card $125.00 To enroll email newcentercc@yahoo.com or call 313 879-7805
  2. classes starting to learn how to grow for yourself, or learn to be a caregiver. pm for info
  3. Learn to grow for yourself, or learn to be a caregiver. pm for more info
  4. new center c.c. is looking for patient/cg's with clones to offer to members for donation fee. starting jan 7th. pm for details. space is limited.
  5. new center to offer med's to card carrying patients, with i.d. membership annual fee $10.00. Starting jan 7th, from 3-7pm and 12-6p on sat jan 8th. 8296 woodward det, inside luxury city.
  6. New center c.c. looking to carry cook books and recipe's. somebody contact ms. chocolate tell her new center looking to carry her materials. miluxcity@yahoo.com
  7. open house new center c.c. tue 6:30 8296 Woodward detroit, patients find med's.
  8. New center compassion club needs dr's. To qualify patients.
  9. The NCCC is having a open house/club warming. this lovely 1300 sq ft facility is perfect for meetings, classes and a safe haven. We first want to thank our host for our much needed facility. Located @ 8296 Woodward Det, inside Luxury City. South of euclid and north of grand Blvd. Our areas of focus is information,education and shared resources. Members have access to network in closed meetings. We're committed to providing the best service for patients and cg's alike. Dec 6 tue @ 5:30pm come in take a look at "Our House of No Pain"
  10. Thanks so much. I thought my paranoria had kicked in to over drive. lol Thanks again. i'm gonna copy this and submit. Keep you posted
  11. well what we hope to do was incorporate. we used the example given here to fill out the state forms. we copied it word for word. The state sent it back asking to be specific in "supportive services", In article ll. So now I'm in search of what supportive services our c club offers. Thankyou
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