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  1. Phuck the liar incompetent piece of bunny muffin some fools on here continue to worship. These repulican commments are just drivel from low infomation voters.I'm with u jim.there are many more important issues.bengasi fast and ferious harassment of tea party spying on citizens.wake up and impeach the lying fool
  2. have you grown before.when u start you may find it isnt so easy and you may not be getting wh.at you think u will.then u cull males then start clones.remember.u can also flower clones at 2 or so inches and difgerent strsins will finish at different times.then keep your mouth shut and dont transport any more weed than nessasarydont sell and u wont haveany problems.if u yreat it like before tme mmmp you wont have problems
  3. Start by doing some reading.dispensaries arent legal at this time.nobody knows tell mcqueen is rule by mich supreme court
  4. Dr bob u must just like to hear yourself talk.i think that about many of your post
  5. Are their different carteidges for the v2 hotter.Are these cartridges a one time use, 1 gram and need another, how are they cleaned.In real world how long are people holding buttonow, are most hitting .Are people holding button you warm up then hitting whie doing a count what are others doing.I have been using a few days surely not sold yet.
  6. Are people doing decarboxing plant material before makeing bho.
  7. you ever been down south and see moonshine canned in mason jars.If this were the case wouldnt the jars break in a pressure cooker.Maybe spend a little time in the food garden and can your produce and you would broaden your knowledge base.you are off base when you state the jars would break that is all I am saying,I have canned many years and never have I broke a jar.Playing with alchol and fire is always dangerous and should be done outside with good ventilation with every safety precaution.
  8. all I am saying is your just quessing and you statement about canning jars breaking in water bath really shows you really dont no.this is what the jars are made for, so why dont you say you dont know and all we know is testing,as that is what your answer tells me.
  9. you guys have never canned if you think a watrer bath will break jar. think about jars in pressure cooker.you can can tomatoes in a water bath no breakage issues
  10. Can someone talk me thru the asembly and use of the ormicon.I just got the v2 and the instructions seems very imtimitdating and make no sense.part of the prolem is the pamplet instructions are way to small.Also am i going to need to order new or different cartridges.
  11. rock on dude.congrats.Your turn is coming.Get rid of the rest of the BS charges then its time for the county to get out the check book.All these cases would turn out the same if the corupt judges would let the truth ring free.This the peoples will and I dont believe you can seat a convicting jury if they know the whole truth.63 percent equals numerous hung juries at the very best.That is what these prosecuter and corupt judges fear the most.
  12. Try telling that to the tyrant judge in midland that says the laws is unconstitutional
  13. VERY WELL SAID.WHAT WAS THE PLAN ANYWAY.It was to make the b ull s hit mexian lie reality about guns coming accrossed the border.The plan is then to sign the UN ATT TREATY.Then foriegh goverments can take are 2nd admendment rights.Dont think that this isnt on the top of obama and (hilary clintons you mean real change )agenda.You can have my guns when you pry them from my cold dead hands.Foreign goverment need to stay out of our constitution and any senator or reprensative that even thinks about voting are constitutional rights away need voted out of office and criminally prosecute.The same t
  14. No I am saying obama will widen his hidden gun control agenda if he gets a second term.No this does not have anything to do with the NRA,except they are pushing the issue of investagating the cover up .If anybody thinks obama will not push his agenda on gun control in the second term your nuts he is stacking the deck now. Look at the supreme cout picks.You can not believe a word he says period.Just look at the position of MM then and now.The man has no honor.
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